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Kerry slams Trump for accusations of meetings with Zarif
Former US secretary of state John Kerry fired back against attacks by President Donald Trump and current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday over his meetings with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, saying the president “should be more worried about Paul Manafort meeting with Robert Mueller than me meeting with Iran’s FM.”
Kerry raps Trump’s stance on JCPOA
Former US secretary of state John F. Kerry said that President Donald Trump “doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” particularly when it comes to the Iran nuclear deal.
Trump censures Kerry for trying to save the Iran nuclear deal
US President Donald Trump has censured former secretary of state John Kerry for his efforts to save the Iran nuclear deal, accusing him of "hurting [his] country."
Kerry: Israel, Egypt pushed US before deal to 'bomb Iran'
Former US secretary of state John Kerry said both Israel and Egypt pushed the United States to "bomb Iran" before the 2015 nuclear deal was struck.
Kerry raps Trump for refusing to certify Iran deal
Former US secretary of state John Kerry has criticized President Donald Trump for refusing to certify the Iran nuclear deal – a move which he said Trump took “without relevance to any facts.”
Kerry urges Congress to avoid ‘gigantic mistake’ on Iran deal
Former secretary of state John Kerry on Monday warned the US Congress that it would be “extraordinarily dangerous” for it to reject the Iran nuclear deal that he helped broker.
Kerry, Clinton call Trump’s move on Iran ‘dangerous’
John Kerry, former US Secretary of State and Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democrat Presidential candidate criticized President Donald Trump criticized President Donald Trump's decision to decertify the Iran nuclear deal, calling it "dangerous".
Diplomacy works
Friday marked the two-year anniversary of a remarkable diplomatic achievement, one that unequivocally made the world a safer place -- the Iran Deal. Two years later, there's proof, not just promise, that diplomacy works.
Kerry: Imposing new sanctions on Iran could be dangerous
Former US secretary of state, John Kerry, said on Monday that the Iran nuclear deal could hold even if President Donald Trump pulls out, but he warned that imposing new economic sanctions against Tehran could be dangerous.
Kerry advises Trump against scrapping Iran nuclear deal
Departing US Secretary of State John Kerry says he believes the Iran nuclear agreement will survive and has warned President-elect Donald Trump that canceling the deal would harm the US in an irreparable way.
US lawmakers’ criticism of Kerry underscores influence of Israel lobby
US Secretary of State John Kerry’s harsh rebuke of Israel over its illegal settlements has set off a wave of criticism from Republican and Democratic lawmakers, highlighting the Zionist lobby’s deep influence over the US Congress.
Israeli settlements destroy hopes for peace: Kerry
Secretary of State John Kerry defended the United States' decision to abstain - and not veto - a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories, saying Israel’s policies put the so-called two-state solution “in serious jeopardy.”
Kerry praises Trump’s ‘thoughtful’ cabinet picks
US Secretary of State John Kerry has praised Donald Trump’s “thoughtful” picks for his incoming cabinet, speaking highly of some of the Republican president-elect's more controversial nominations.
Kerry stresses commitment to Iran deal
US Secretary of State John Kerry stressed the “absolute urgency” of remaining committed to a nuclear deal with Iran.

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