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Trump has no ability to implement his agenda on Korean peninsula: Analyst
US President Donald Trump has no real ability to move forward on his agenda which is to resolve the Korean conflict and to get the American forces out of the Korean peninsula, a former American Senate foreign policy analyst says.
Time running out for US to restart talks: North Korea
A senior North Korean diplomat says the United States does not have much time left to develop a new strategy to revive talks with Pyongyang about the demilitarization of the Korean Peninsula.
Russia says dialogue only way to achieve peace on Korean Peninsula
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says dialogue is the "only possible way" to achieve peace on the Korean Peninsula and that Russia will work to promote the negotiation process to resolve the crisis in the region.
Pompeo does not want peace on Korean Peninsula: American foreign policy expert
American foreign policy expert James Jatras says US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and some other officials in the administration of President Donald Trump do not want peace on the Korean Peninsula.
US military-industrial complex wants to preserve confrontation with North Korea: Writer
The US military-industrial complex has the vested interests in preserving the confrontation on the Korean peninsula, according to E. Michael Jones, an American political analyst in Indiana.
Russia spares no effort to settle tensions in Korean Peninsula: Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow will “exhaust every effort” to resolve the simmering tensions in the Korean Peninsula peacefully, stressing that the Kremlin abhors the very idea of a possible nuclear war between Russia’s neighbor North Korea and the US.
US war party seeks to derail peace process on Korean peninsula: Scholar
The US Congress and the Deep State are attempting to scuttle President Donald Trump’s efforts to establish peace on the Korean peninsula, says Dennis Etler, an American political analyst who has a decades-long interest in international affairs.
China warns against escalation on Korean Peninsula
Chinese authorities have again warned against moves that could escalate the crisis on the Korean Peninsula, saying parties to the conflict should avoid actions that add to the already simmering tensions in the region.
US starts drill with Japan near Korean Peninsula
Japan and the United States have started conducting a 10-day joint naval drill in southern Japan, despite North Korea’s warnings that the exercises seriously risk triggering an actual war.
Russia criticizes US, regional allies’ missile warning drills over Korean Peninsula
Russia has criticized the United States for conducting joint military drills with its regional allies, Japan and South Korea, over the Korean Peninsula in a declared aim of preparing to counter any potential threat posed by North Korea’s ballistic missiles.
Japan requests record-high defense budget amid Korean Peninsula tensions
Japan’s Defense Ministry has requested a record-high budget to boost its missile ranges amid increasing tensions on the Korean Peninsula.
China reiterates calls for restraint in Korean Peninsula standoff
China urges all sides to put out fire and maintain restraint on the Korean Peninsula as a war of words has increasingly ratcheted up between North Korea and the United States in recent weeks.
Russia accuses US of adding to tensions on Korean peninsula
Russia has accused the United States of ratcheting up tensions on the Korean peninsula by increasing military activities, calling for the "vicious circle of tensions" to be broken.
Iran supports peace in Korean Peninsula
President Hassan Rouhani said Iran is against US interference in the world as well as exerting pressure on countries, saying world problems cannot be solved through war or intensifying differences and tension.

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