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Russia deploys forces at Syrian border under new accord
Iran welcomes any steps that secure stability in Syria
Turkish-led forces oust Kurds from Syria's Afrin
Turkey's flag was flying in Syria's Afrin on Sunday after Turkish troops and Ankara-backed militants chased out Kurdish militia forces to seize control of the northern city.
Turkey: Whoever helps Kurd militia in Syria is 'legitimate target'
Turkey on Wednesday said it would consider a "legitimate target" any group that comes to the aid of Kurdish militia in Afrin in northern Syria.
US promises Turkey to stop arming Kurds, again
Turkey said the United States has promised it for a second time to stop arming Syria-based Kurdish militants whom Ankara considers a threat to its security, as the American support for them risks pitting the two NATO members against one another.
Rezaei: US after rallying Kurds against Turkey
Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei told MNA on Sat. that the US military coalition in Syria seeks to rally Kurds against Turkey, while Turkey is after disrupting US plans in the region.
Iraq gains first foothold at Kurdish frontier with Turkey
Iraqi troops deployed on Tuesday at one of the main land crossings with Turkey, gaining a foothold at the Kurdish-held frontier for the first time in decades.
Turkish forces next step in Syria is Kurd-held Manbij: Erdogan
Turkey says that after its forces complete their operations in Syria’s al-Bab, they will move towards the Kurdish-held city of Manbij.
Iraqi Kurdish forces advance into Daesh-held town
Iraqi Kurdish fighters exchanged heavy fire with terrorists early on Monday as they advanced from two directions into a town held by the Daesh terror group east of the city of Mosul.
Kurdish forces, in fresh push on Mosul, clear five villages
Iraqi Kurdish forces have retaken five villages east of Daesh-held Mosul in an operation launched early Sunday morning, according to an official statement.
Iraqi volunteer, Kurdish forces will take part in Mosul operation
No room or independent Kurdish region
Political Desk Iraqi President Muhammad Fuad Masum said on Wednesday that the country's Popular Mobilization Forces, also known as al-Hashd al-Shaabi, as well as Kurdish Peshmerga forces will join the Iraqi Army during an operation aimed at liberating the northern city of Mosul from the Daesh terrorist group.
Erdogan: Over 30 Kurdish militants killed in raids
President Tayyip Erdogan said the Turkish military had killed more than 30 Kurdish militants on Friday in a cross-border operation.
More than 700 Iraqi Kurd fighters killed since June
Six months into the terrorist offensive in Iraq, the autonomous Kurds said Wednesday they had lost more than 700 fighters and argued the burden of hosting a million displaced civilians was becoming unsustainable.
Iraq Kurds launch g offensive to retake key dam
Kurdish forces have launched a ground offensive to seize control of Iraq's strategic Mosul dam from ISIL terrorists, as US airstrikes continued for a third day on Sunday.

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