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Kelly lashes out at ex-boss for withdrawing troops from N Syria
Former White House chief of staff John Kelly has lashed out at his former boss, President Donald Trump, for pulling US forces out of northern Syria and giving Turkey the green light to attack Kurds.
Syrian troops enter northeastern towns after deal with Kurds
Syrian government forces have entered the towns of Tabqah, Ain Issa and Tel Tamer in northeast Syria after Damascus reached an agreement with Kurds in the region to deploy troops there following Turkey’s invasion into its southern neighbor, state media reported on Monday.
Deaths, displacement on 3rd day of Turkish invasion of Syria
Iran urges Turkey to 'immediately' halt Syria raids
US sent 30,000 trucks of arms to Kurds in northern Syria: Erdogan
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has again lambasted the United States for its offering of unwavering support to Kurds in northern Syria, saying Washington has been overgenerous to the Kurdish militants in the region.
Iraq unearths mass grave of Kurds killed by Saddam
Iraq must never forget Saddam Hussein’s crimes or allow his party to return, President Barham Salih said on Sunday after attending the unearthing of a mass grave of Kurds killed by the former dictator’s forces three decades ago.
Syrian Kurds announce death of Daesh 'caliphate'
Syrian Kurds have pronounced the death of Daesh's nearly five-year-old "caliphate" after flushing out diehard terrorists from their very last bastion in eastern Syria.
Erdogan: NATO gives arms to Syria Kurds but not to Turkey
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has lashed out at Turkey’s NATO allies for supplying huge loads of weapons to US-backed Kurdish militants in northern Syria, while ignoring Ankara’s request to buy their arms.
Turkey vows not to be intimidated by Trump threats
Turkey on Monday vowed it would not be intimidated by US President Donald Trump's threats of economic devastation if Ankara attacks Kurdish forces as American troops withdraw.
Erdogan rebukes Bolton over Kurdish militia comments
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan rebuked US national security adviser on Tuesday for demanding that Turkey does not harm Kurdish fighters in Syria, accusing him of complicating President Donald Trump's plan to withdraw US troops.
Iraqi Kurds elect first parliament since secession fiasco
Voters in the semiautonomous Kurdistan region in northern Iraq headed to polling stations on Sunday to elect the first parliament since a disastrous separation referendum last year.
Iraqi Kurds elect first parliament since secession fiasco
Voters in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region in northern Iraq have headed to polling stations to elect the first parliament since a disastrous separation referendum last year.
Kurds reach deal with Damascus to end Syria conflict
An alliance of Kurdish and Arab militants in Syria says it has come to an agreement with the Syrian government to develop negotiations to end violence in Syria.
Turkey threatens action if Kurds do not evacuate Manbij
Turkey has announced that it will not hesitate to take action if Kurdish forces do not leave the Syrian town of Manbij.

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