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Half the world’s schools lack hygiene facilities
Nearly half the world's schools lack clean drinking water, toilets and hand-washing facilities, putting millions of children at risk of disease, experts warned on Monday.
Lack of coordination, unimplemented policies put environment at risk
Global warming, asymmetrical climate conditions and rain patterns apart from long dry spells continued to be a source of concern for Pakistan in 2017.
Lack of oxygen, not blood flow, delays brain maturation in preterm infants
Premature infants are at risk for a broad spectrum of life-long cognitive and learning disabilities.
Lack of sleep damaging academic development of children
Research published recently has revealed that the academic development of British children is being significantly affected by dangerously low levels of sleep.
Lack of sleep may cause brain to 'eat' parts of itself
A new study on mice published in the Journal of Neuroscience shows that missing out on sleep may cause parts of our brains to start eating other parts.
Lack of access to medicine in Latin America taken to IACHR
Complaints over lack of access to medicine in Latin America were brought before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) on Tuesday, with demands that big drug companies be punished for preventing the sale of generics.
Zarif: New vote shows lack of US credibility
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the extension of a piece of anti-Iran legislation in the US will have no “executive effect” and will merely be a sign of the US government’s unreliability.
US lack of unified stance resulted in failure of Syria peace talks: Russia
Russia’s Foreign Ministry says Syria peace talks failed because US lacks a unified stance on the subject.
Lack of tree clearing reforms a roadblock to saving Great Barrier Reef
The failure of tree clearing reforms in Queensland is the only significant delay in Australia’s conservation plan for the Great Barrier Reef, said a progress report by the state and federal governments.
US laws lack uniformity to protect child witnesses
Each year, more than 100,000 children take the stand to testify in criminal, civil or juvenile courts in the US, but legal protections for these underage witnesses and victims greatly vary from state to state.
Lack of sleep can give you 'munchies'
Sleep loss may bring on hunger and unhealthy eating similar to the marijuana 'munchies' a new study has found.
Lack of Russia experts alarms US intelligence officials: Report
American intelligence officials warn that Washington’s shortage of experts on its arch-rival Russia exposes the US to Moscow’s unpredictable activities that may threaten US national security.
Lack of exercise twice as deadly as obesity
Just 20 minutes of brisk walking a day may be all it takes to lessen a sedentary person's risk of early death, says a new study.

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