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Lebanon’s PM Hariri says his party lost third of parliament seats
Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri says his party has lost a third of seats in the Sunday parliamentary elections, winning only 21 seats, down from the 33 it had been holding since the last time Lebanon elected a parliament in 2009.
Qassemi: Iran respects Lebanese people’s vote
Iran said on Monday it respected the votes cast by people in Lebanon’s parliamentary election.
Lebanon vote results set to cement Hezbollah dominance
PM Hariri says party loses third of seats
Hezbollah, allies make major gains in Lebanon elections
Preliminary unofficial results from Lebanon’s parliamentary elections have showed that the Hezbollah resistance movement and its political allies secured more than half the seats.
Lebanon goes to polls to elect new parliament in almost a decade
Voting has begun in Lebanon's first parliamentary election in nine years, with over 500 candidates vying for 128 seats.
Lebanon to vote in parliamentary elections
The Lebanese gear up for the country's first parliamentary elections in nine years after several postponements over security concerns.
Saudi scheme to manipulate Lebanon parliamentary elections uncovered
A recent document has pointed to Riyadh regime’s fiendish plot to assert enormous influence on Lebanon’s May 6 legislative elections, and engineer the polls in favor of House of Saud.
Hezbollah after free & open legislative vote in Lebanon: Nasrallah
The sectary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement says his group seeks a clean and fair election as the Arab country gears up for a legislative vote in less than a fortnight.
Hezbollah defending southern Lebanon against Israeli aggression: Nasrallah
The secretary general of Hezbollah says fighters from the Lebanese resistance movement have defended the southern sector of Lebanon against Israel’s acts of aggression.
Syrian refugee children back to school in Lebanon (Video)
Syrian refugee children in Lebanon have got the chance to receive education under the help of the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and the Lebanese educational ministry, reported.
President Aoun warns against outbreak of international war in Syria
Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Sunday warned against eruption of an international war in Syria.
Lebanon, Iraq support Iran in Arab League meeting
Representatives of Lebanon and Iraq supported Iran in the preparatory and ministerial meetings of the 29th Arab League, Lebanese newspaper ‘An-Nahar’ reported.
Lebanon to file complaint with UN against Israeli violations of airspace
Lebanon’s Foreign Ministry has strongly denounced recent Israeli violations of Lebanon’s airspace to launch airstrikes in Syria, saying Beirut intends to lodge a formal complaint with the United Nations Security Council.
Zionist regime resumes building border wall with Lebanon
The Zionist regime of Israel has resumed constructing a concrete border wall with Lebanon.
Spokesman: Iran spares no effort to maintain Lebanon unity
Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said Iran has always supported solidarity, stability and sustainable security in Lebanon and has spared no effort to maintain unity among the country’s political groups and ethnicities.

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