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Iran deems formation of Lebanon’s new govt. as ‘positive step’
Iran hailed the dialogue among different Lebanese parties and the formation of a new government, describing it as a step forward and a positive move to solve the country's problems.
Baghdad march, Lebanon's govt. formation dealt heavy blows to US: Top Hezbollah official
The White House has been dealt stinging blows following the massive march in Iraq against the presence of US troops in the country as well as the formation of a new government in Lebanon, says a senior official from the Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah.
UN says political manipulation suspected to be behind violent rallies in Lebanon
The United Nations says violence caused by “strange groups” in Beirut seems to be politically driven in an attempt to undermine security and stability in Lebanon, which has faced anti-government protest rallies for the past three months.
Lebanon names new government amid protests
Lebanon unveiled a new cabinet line-up on Tuesday amid protests, as the government will have to deal with a faltering economy.
Lebanon’s Hariri says he does not want to return to premiership
Lebanon’s caretaker Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri says he does not intend to return to the premiership and head a new government, stating that he has moved on from the post and that he is not obstructing the formation of a new cabinet amid a deep financial crisis.
Hariri urges new government formation to 'calm popular storm' in Lebanon
Lebanon’s Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri has urged politicians to urgently form a new government and “stop wasting time” to find solutions for the Lebanese economic crisis in order to “calm the popular storm.”
Hariri urges urgent government formation after violent protests
Lebanon’s Saad al-Hariri on Sunday urged politicians to urgently form a new government and find solutions for the country’s economic crisis, after a night of violent clashes between security forces and protesters.
Anti-govt. protests resume in Lebanon as political vacuum persists
Protesters in Lebanon have blocked major roads in a new wave of anti-government protests as the Middle Eastern country suffers from a months-long political vacuum.
Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan trying to stay warm
In Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, another cold winter has set in and that means trouble for the Syrians seeking refuge there.
Lebanon 'regrets' loss of UN voting privilege
Seven countries lose vote over arrears
Lebanon on Saturday said it "regrets" being among seven countries stripped by the United Nations of voting privileges in the General Assembly for failing to pay their dues.
Lebanon president denies welcoming fugitive Ghosn as Beirut gets Interpol red notice
Lebanese President Michel Aoun has denied welcoming fugitive former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn upon his arrival in the Mediterranean country as Beirut says it has received a red notice from Interpol for the arrest of the auto tycoon.
Bailed tycoon Ghosn 'escapes' to Lebanon from Japan
Ousted Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn was in his childhood home of Lebanon on Tuesday after fleeing Japan, raising questions about how one of the world’s most-recognized executives slipped away while on bail.
Hezbollah says supports new govt. capable of rescuing Lebanon economy
Hezbollah supports a new government capable of quickly carrying out essential reforms in the cash-strapped country of Lebanon as further economic deterioration, including the risk of sharp currency devaluation, would exacerbate social tensions, an official with the Lebanese resistance movement says.
Efforts underway to tackle Lebanon’s financial crisis: Central bank governor
The governor of the central bank of Lebanon, officially known as Banque du Liban, says efforts are underway to tackle the worsening financial crisis that has caused several businesses to close and many people to lose their jobs amid growing fears about the country's economic future.
Lebanon's prime minister-designate vows to form technocrat govt.
Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Hassan Diab says he plans to form a government of independent technocrats capable of undertaking serious reforms and restoring people's confidence.

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