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Italy to lend Leonardo da Vinci works to France in masterpiece swap
Leonardo da Vinci’s famous drawing of a spread-eagled male figure, known as the ‘Vitruvian Man,’ will soon travel to Paris to star in a blockbuster Leonardo exhibition at the Louvre Museum. It will make the trip as part of an exchange agreement signed by the culture ministers of France and Italy, after many months of sometimes bitter negotiations.
Is ‘Salvator Mundi’ a real Leonardo da Vinci painting?
Author and art critic Ben Lewis calls the ‘Salvator Mundi’ as “the most beautiful question mark that's ever been painted.” For more than a century, art dealers hunted for the lost treasure — the ‘Salvator Mundi’, or ‘Savior of the World’. It is an ethereal picture rumored to be the work of an original renaissance man.
Italian museum looks to unlock Da Vinci hair mystery
An Italian museum said it plans to carry out DNA tests on a lock of hair it believes might have belonged to the Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, who died 500 years ago this month.
France, Italy mark 500th anniversary of Da Vinci’s death
French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian President Sergio Mattarella kicked off commemorations to mark 500 years since Leonardo da Vinci died in France, paying their respects to the Renaissance genius in a show of unity after months of diplomatic tensions.
France, Italy mark 500th anniversary of Leonardo's death in Loire Valley
Five hundred years after the death of Italian master painter Leonardo da Vinci, the French town of Loire Valley where he spent his last three years will host top-level festivities celebrating his life.
Boston MFA displays da Vinci self-portrait
For the first time in Boston, the “most beautiful drawing in the world” and a recently discovered self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) will be displayed.

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