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Lifestyle stressed in cardiovascular disease prevention guideline
A new guideline from the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association emphasizes social determinants of health and calls for their incorporation into shared decision-making to optimize prevention of cardiovascular disease.
Several lifestyle factors increase heart attack risk
Heart attacks are considered a medical emergency and can have life-threatening consequences. But what causes the condition?
Pygmies, masters of forest, tackle tough lifestyle changes
Just back from the hunt with a choice selection of plants, Ebona feels at home in the endless forest where many Gabonese fear to tread.
Lifestyle changes reduce the need for blood pressure medications
Men and women with high blood pressure reduced the need for antihypertensive medications within 16 weeks after making lifestyle changes, according to a study presented at the American Heart Association's Joint Hypertension 2018 Scientific Sessions, an annual conference focused on recent advances in hypertension research.
Prediabetes, a warning sign to change lifestyle
Prediabetes — the stage before a type 2 diagnosis — is on rise, but changing your diet can help prevent symptoms.
Good lifestyle choices likely to add years to lifespan
Change your lifestyle, change your life span.
Report: Lifestyle changes could prevent a third of dementia cases
More than a third of dementia cases might be avoided by tackling aspects of lifestyle including education, exercise, blood pressure and hearing, a new report suggested.
Study: Healthy lifestyle can increase life expectancy
Researchers have found having a healthy lifestyle and not engaging in risky behaviors can increase a person's life expectancy by up to seven years.
Lifestyle changes may slow, prevent dementia
Simple changes to your lifestyle might delay the start of dementia or slow its progression, a new report suggested.
Leader cautions against efforts in West to change Islamic lifestyle
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said there are centers in Europe and the US that are planning to change lifestyle of people in non-Western countries, particularly in the Islamic Iran.
Chemical traces on phone reveal lifestyle, scientists say
If worries about personal data held inside your phone keeps you up at night, you might want to give the outside of your phone a scrub.
Healthy lifestyle can overcome genetic risk for heart disease
If your parent or sibling died young from cardiovascular disease, take heart: There are ways you can counter any genetic predisposition to the illness.
Sloth's arboreal niche explains its slow-paced lifestyle
Sloths are one of only a few mammal types to carve out an exclusively arboreal niche. And new research suggests it's the sloth's tree-based lifestyle that explains its sluggish disposition.

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