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Iranian vocalist Nazeri, Tajik musician Kholov to stage concert in London
Prominent Iranian vocalist Shahram Nazeri and Tajik composer and musician Davlatmand Kholov will stage a performance of Persian, Tajik and Kurdish songs for the first time in London on February 24.
Murray undergoes hip surgery in London
Former world number one Andy Murray underwent a hip resurfacing surgery in London, the 31-year-old Scot said on Tuesday.
Number of murder police in London plummets as crime rises
A series of austerity measures imposed by the British government have left police in London with a significant decrease in the number of officers investigating homicides.
London remains top destination for European tech funding
London remained the top destination in Europe for technology investment in 2018, with nearly double the amount being plowed into companies in the British capital than nearest rival Berlin, data showed on Wednesday.
Police make arrests in London’s pro-Brexit yellow-vest protest
Four people, including a 13-year-old girl, have been arrested during a demonstration to support Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union as protesters donned yellow vests to copy-cat a highly popular movement in France.
Britons call on London mayor to resign over pro-EU fireworks
People across Britain, a country that is leaving the European Union based on results of a referendum that took place more than two years ago, have been outraged by a huge fireworks in London which they say displayed capital’s mayor Sadiq Khan’s loyalty to the EU.
London boroughs join forces to alleviate homelessness crisis
London boroughs will join forces to provide thousands of extra properties for families on the edge of homelessness, the UK communities secretary announced.
London police arrest 2 over airport disruption
Police in the British capital have arrested two people over suspicions they were involved in flying drones onto the runway of Gatwick airport earlier in the week which caused massive disruptions.
UK charity rolls out radical plans to curb homelessness in capital
A London-based charity has rolled out plans to introduce sleeping pods to scores of homeless in the run-up to Christmas as record numbers of people have become rough-sleepers in the capital and other cities mainly as a result of government-sponsored cuts to social welfare budget.
UK shoppers forced to cooperate with surveillance scheme: Report
A new report shows the British police are forcing people to have their faces scanned as part of a controversial surveillance scheme which is being rolled out in London.
'Yellow Vest' protesters show up in London, block Westminster Bridge
Pro-Brexit protesters have blocked London’s Westminster Bridge to express support for Brexit, adopting the iconic "Yellow Vests" used by anti-Macron protesters in France.
Fierce violence expected in ‘Brexit Betrayal’ protest in London
Police in the British capital fear a far-right protest over Brexit on Sunday will unleash some unprecedented levels of violence in central parts of the city.
UK police officer stabbed outside London train station
Violence and knife crime continue to take its toll on people and security forces in Britain as reports say a police officer has been stabbed while on duty outside a train station in the capital London.
Tube 'junk food' advert ban announced by London mayor
A ban on junk food advertising across London's entire public transport network will be introduced next year.
Rembrandt painting featuring artist's 'fingerprints' to go on sale in London
Two fingerprints almost certainly belonging to Rembrandt have been discovered on a small painting portraying Jesus, which is to be auctioned in London next month.

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