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Artworks back from Louvre displayed in Iran
Art masterpieces from the Qajar era which were exhibited for about three months in the Louvre Museum in Paris are now back in Tehran and are open for public viewing from Wednesday.
Louvre in Tehran wraps up after months of visiting boom
The momentous exhibition ‘The Louvre in Tehran’ wrapped up at the National Museum of Iran with welcoming over 250,000 nationwide visitors since the opening date on March 5.
Italians outraged as Louvre doctors 'Mona Lisa' to celebrate French World Cup win
The Louvre museum sparked outrage among Italians after tweeting a doctored image of the 'Mona Lisa' in a French football shirt.
Louvre Abu Dhabi to reveal Da Vinci's 'Salvator Mundi' in fall
Leonardo da Vinci's famous 'Salvator Mundi' will be unveiled to the public at the Louvre Abu Dhabi on September 18, the museum said.
The Louvre at Tehran
The Louvre in Tehran is the first large-scale exhibition by a major Western museum in Iran and an outstanding cultural and diplomatic event for both countries.
Louvre Abu Dhabi to exhibit $450m Da Vinci
Louvre Abu Dhabi, the only offshoot of the Louvre, opened Nov. 11, will open its inaugural exhibition, ‘One Louvre to Another: Opening a Museum for Everyone’, on Dec. 21.
Louvre museum courtyard evacuated before Macron speech
Grounds belonging to the Louvre museum in the French capital Paris have been evacuated before a planned speech by presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron.
Egypt identifies Louvre Museum attacker
Egypt says the assailant in a recent terrorist attack near the Louvre Museum in the French capital of Paris is an Egyptian-born.
Machete attacker shot at Louvre museum in Paris
A French soldier patrolling at the Louvre museum in Paris shot and seriously injured a machete-wielding man on Friday as he attacked security forces, police said.
Louvre antiquities to go on display in Iran
A number of antique pieces from the prestigious French museum will be displayed in Iran, following the signing of an agreement between custodians of Iran's cultural heritage and France's Louvre Museum.
Louvre to hold exhibition in Tehran
The French museum, Louvre, will hold an exhibition in Tehran, said the French Ambassador to Iran François Sénémaud.
Hollande: Louvre could house treasures from Iraq, Syria
French President François Hollande said the Louvre could house threatened treasures from Iraq, Syria and other war-torn countries at a secure site in northern France.
Louvre reopens after flooding, as cost of rain damage mounts
The Louvre and the Orsay — the premier museums of Paris — reopened after an emergency closure last week to move masterpieces to higher ground during the city's worst flooding in decades.
Louvre closed, 1000s evacuated in France for flooding
Thousands of people have been evacuated in central and northeastern France due to deadly flooding in the country, which has forced the closure of world’s most visited museum in Paris.
Louvre director in Iran after 10-year hiatus
Director of Paris' Louvre Museum Jean-Luc Martinez arrived in Tehran April 9 as part of cultural exchanges and joint projects between Iran's museums and their foreign counterparts facilitated by the nuclear deal.

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