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Iranian MPs approve motion to counteract US blacklisting of IRGC
The Iranian lawmakers passed generalities of a motion to support the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) against a recent decision made by the US administration to label the force as “a terrorist group”.
MPs say Iran will retaliate if US designates IRGC as terrorist organization
Iran will take reciprocal action against the United States if Washington labels Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization, a majority of Iranian parliamentarians said on Sunday.
EU says it is now up to MPs to decide next steps for Brexit
The EU said it is now up to MPs to decide the next steps for Brexit and it remains "committed" to agreeing a deal in time for the UK to leave this month.
UK vulnerable to money laundering on a massive scale, find MPs
Hundreds of billions of pounds could be being laundered through the UK every year, but the government is unable to give a precise figure of the scale of the problem, MPs have found.
Lowering age for cervical cancer screening to be debated by MPs
MPs are to debate lowering the age for cervical cancer screenings from 25 to 18 following the release of an online petition that's amassed more than 130,000 signatures.
UK government defeated as MPs vote for quick action if Brexit deal rejected
The British government was defeated in Parliament on Wednesday as members of Parliament voted for a procedural change that reduces the time it has to come up with an alternative plan if Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal is defeated next week.
May accused of misleading MPs over Brexit deal
British Prime Minister Theresa May was accused on Wednesday of misleading MPs over her Brexit deal as her government published legal advice likely to increase opposition to the agreement ahead of a crucial vote next week.
Facebook documents seized by British MPs investigating privacy breach
A cache of Facebook documents was seized by British MPs investigating the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.
MPs accuse British government of complacency over 'fake news' on Facebook
The UK’s government is not taking the urgent action needed to protect democracy from ‘fake news’ on Facebook and other social media, MPs warned.
British MPs: Universal credit backward step in tackling domestic abuse
New universal credit rules are making it harder for victims of domestic violence to leave abusive relationships and avoid economic abuse and control, according to an influential group of British MPs.
Iranian MPs, Brazilian officials discuss issues of interest
Iran-Brazil parliamentary friendship group meets with Brazilian authorities
Fast fashion is harming planet, British MPs say
Young people's love of fast fashion is coming under the scrutiny of Britain's law-makers.
Canada strips Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi of honorary citizenship
Canada's Parliament voted unanimously on Thursday to effectively strip Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi of her honorary Canadian citizenship over the Rohingya crisis.

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