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Millennial farmers making more money from alternative jobs than farming
A large number of millennial farmers in villages around Nashik district of Maharashtra, India, are making more money from alternative jobs like electrician, plumbing and fabrication than from farming itself.
Can European banks be saved by fresh round of deal making?
The comparisons with US peers just got a lot harder for European banks after a strong showing from J.P. Morgan to kick off earnings season, but could there be fresh revenue on the way for European investment banks, even if it is of their own making?
Making use of all that is around you
When the Kenyan government instituted a nation-wide ban on logging in 2017, furniture companies like Funkidz were badly hit.
Making better use of 'surgeons flipping burgers'
Migration remains one of the most potent international political dividing lines — with arguments about controlling borders and pressures on local services.
Chinese rover begins making tracks on ‘dark’ side of Moon
The Chinese rover on the ‘dark’ side of the Moon is making its tracks on the soft lunar surface.
Making oxygen from water may pave way for long-distance space travel
Scientists have converted water into oxygen and hydrogen under microgravity conditions using only a semiconductor and sunlight. The technology could make long-distance space travel possible.
Sunshine making Deepwater Horizon oil stick around
Sunlight shapes oil spills’ long-term legacies.
Making carbon nanotubes as usable as common plastics
Northwestern University's Jiaxing Huang is ready to reignite carbon nanotube research. And he's doing so with a common chemical that was once used in household cleaners.
Making safer, more powerful lithium-ion batteries requires right recipe
A team from Purdue University has published research that examines the relationship between the active and inactive elements of lithium-ion batteries, and how the micro- and nano-structure of their respective ingredients reflects on the performance and safety of the batteries.
Making computer animation more agile, acrobatic
It's still easy to tell computer-simulated motions from the real thing —on the big screen or in video games, simulated humans and animals often move clumsily, without the rhythm and fluidity of their real-world counterparts.
Making lighter vehicles with magnesium alloys
Researchers have developed models of magnesium alloys to understand how to make the metal more pliable.
All that smartphone time may be making teens unhappy
Teens who are glued to their smartphones and other devices are unhappier than those who spend less time on digital media, new research found.
Why exercise could be making you sick
Could exercise be making you sick? Up to half of athletes experience some form of gastrointestinal discomfort while exercising.

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