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WHO says eradicating malaria 'can be done', but first aim is to control it
Eradicating malaria is biologically feasible and a lofty aim, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday, but the focus for now should be getting the funds, tools and political will to control it.
Malaria has killed 1,800 people in Burundi so far in 2019: UN
Malaria has killed more than 1,800 people in Burundi this year, the United Nations (UN)’s humanitarian agency says, a death toll rivaling a deadly Ebola outbreak in the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Malaria surges back in crisis-hit Venezuela
The sweltering heat of the Venezuelan forest makes no difference to Jose Gregorio, who trembles with a cold chill. "I have pain everywhere, fever," he stammers.
New technology enables large-scale production of artemisinin for malaria
Chinese researchers have developed a new technology to produce artemisinin, the top choice for malaria treatment, on a large scale.
Global malaria spending $2 billion short of WHO target
A first-of-its-kind study reveals malaria spending in 2016 totaled $4.3 billion globally, far short of the annual funding target of $6.6 billion set by the World Health Organization.
Study finds potential new weapon in fight against malaria
Their research shows the drug works on mosquitoes, killing the malaria parasite in the insects and preventing it from being transmitted.
Scientists divided over new research method to combat malaria
Research on a radical new way to combat malaria and other devastating diseases could be knocked off track if a UN biodiversity conference imposes a moratorium on the work, a group of scientists have said.
Researchers ID compounds that could help stop malaria
Malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes carrying malaria parasites, but scientists report they have discovered compounds that might keep mosquitoes from spreading the sometimes deadly disease.
Researchers compare standard vs. ultra-sensitive malaria diagnostics
Study findings showed that standard molecular diagnostics detect most potentially transmissible malaria infections and cannot be replaced by rapid diagnostic testing to screen for potential Plasmodium falciparum transmitters, researchers reported in The Lancet Infectious Diseases.
New type of bed net could help fight against malaria
A new type of bed net could prevent millions of cases of malaria, according to new research published in The Lancet.
First malaria drug in 60 years given approval
A drug to treat malaria— the first such pill to get approval in 60 years — has been given the green light by authorities in the US.
Researchers identify target for novel malaria vaccine
A Yale University-led team of researchers have created a vaccine that protects against malaria infection in mouse models, paving the way for the development of a human vaccine that works by targeting the specific protein that parasites use to evade the immune system. The study was published by Nature Communications.
Malaria treatment, scientists have decoded how parasites invade our cells
Malaria treatment: A new vaccine for malaria may soon be developed after scientists claimed they’ve decoded how the parasites invade human cells.
Non-invasive malaria test wins Africa engineering prize
Languishing with fever and frustrated by delays in diagnosing his illness, Brian Gitta came up with a bright idea: A malaria test that would not need blood samples or specialized laboratory technicians.
Commonwealth leaders commit $4.1b to halve malaria by 2023
In the culmination of a week of focus on a disease at a crossroads, the 53 leaders of Commonwealth nations committed to halve the burden of malaria across the Commonwealth within five years.

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