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Elon Musk once again on quest to ‘nuke Mars’
If there’s one thing you can say about Elon Musk it’s that he’s never lacked ambition. He’s founded a number of successful companies, and with SpaceX he’s pushed science forward by lowering the cost of entry for satellite launches and opened up new possibilities for researchers.
Scientists work out way to make Mars surface fit for farming
For future astronauts bound for Mars it will surely rank as a positive: When they sit down to dinner on the barren Red Planet, they should at least have plenty of greens.
From Moon to Mars, Chinese space engineers rise to new challenges
With eyes bright, Sun Zezhou, chief designer of China's Chang'e-4 lunar probe, speaks fast but clearly.
Plan to sell 50m meals made from electricity, water, air
A Finnish company that makes food from electricity, water and air said it plans to have 50 million meals’ worth of its product sold in supermarkets within two years.
Mars rover's large methane discovery excites scientists
NASA’s Curiosity rover has detected its largest belch of methane on Mars so far, fueling speculation that the robot may have trundled through a cloud of waste gas released by microbial Martians buried deep under the surface.
NASA rover on Mars detects puff of gas that hints at possibility of life
Mars, it appears, is belching a large amount of a gas that could be a sign of microbes living on the planet today.
SpaceX Falcon Heavy's third launch set for Monday night in Florida
A SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket is set to launch Monday night from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the US, carrying 24 government satellites and kicking off a busy summer of space activity.
Astronomers spot new crater on Mars like nothing ever seen
The planet Mars does not bruise easily, but when it does, the result is practically a work of art.
Humans on Red Planet in danger of mutation
NASA is gearing up for humans to start colonizing planet Mars in the near future.
China exploring life on Mars in Gobi Desert
"Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids," as an Elton John hit goes.
After Moon, people on Mars by 2033 or 2060
On December 11, 2017, US President Donald Trump signed a directive ordering NASA to prepare to return astronauts to the Moon "followed by human missions to Mars and other destinations."
ESA/Roscosmos spacecraft sends its first photos of Mars surface
The European Space Agency (ESA)/Roscosmos jointly-developed spaceship Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) returned its first photos of the Martian surface.
NASA studying Mars meteorite found on Earth that could unlock Red Planet’s secrets
NASA and the US Army are analyzing meteorites from Mars to gain new information on the workings of the Red Planet.

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