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Mental health clarity urged for uni students' parents in UK
Universities need to be much clearer about whether they will contact parents if students have a mental health crisis, says a social mobility charity.
Children refused NHS mental health care for not being unwell enough
Children with mental health problems must be severely unwell before they can get help at NHS trusts across England, an investigation has found.
UK MPs call for mental health reforms to stop ‘horrific’ detention of young people
Mental health legislation must be overhauled in the UK to stop the “horrific” and inappropriate detention of young people with autism or learning disabilities, MPs have said.
Winter babies at 'higher risk of mental health disorders'
Babies born during winter are at higher risk of developing mental health disorders, new research found.
Mental health is just as important as physical health
Our health is probably the most important thing in our lives.
Mental health treatment waiting times in UK to be capped under 10-year plan
New waiting-time targets for mental health treatment and stronger support for young adults with difficulties will be an important part of the UK government’s long-awaited 10-year National Health Service (NHS) plan to be launched.
Puzzle solving 'won't stop mental decline'
Doing crossword puzzles and Sudoku does not appear to protect against mental decline, according to a new study.
Mental health patients have been thrown down the Brexit rabbit-hole
The whole thing reads like a misprint: if you present at your GP’s with mild to moderate depression or anxiety, you will wait, on average, six weeks for treatment, which itself sounds like a significant amount of time. But if you arrive with a very severe mental illness — schizophrenia or bipolar disorder — you will wait much longer, 14 weeks, just for an assessment.
People with severe mental health problems forced to wait longer for NHS help
People with severe mental health problems are being forced to wait longer for NHS help than those with mild depression, experts have warned.
People in mental health crisis neglected by NHS, MPs warn
Growing numbers of people who experience a mental health crisis are having to visit A&E or are detained for their own safety because National Health Service (NHS) services to help them are deteriorating, MPs and peers have warned.
Mental health services under-resourced, says Britain’s Hancock
The UK health secretary, Matt Hancock, conceded that mental health services have been under-resourced and undervalued as he announced the appointment of a minister for suicide prevention.
Green spaces are a mental balm for city dwellers
A splash of green in an urban landscape can lift the spirits of city residents, a new study suggested.

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