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Surprise rate cut in Mexico 'no use' for growth in short term
The Mexican central bank’s surprise interest rate cut on Thursday is likely to have a limited impact at best on lifting growth this year after the sluggish economy narrowly avoided recession in the first half of 2019, analysts say.
Mexico cartel hangs bodies from city bridge in grisly show of force
The merciless dogfight between Mexican drug cartels produced its latest macabre spectacle with the discovery of 19 mutilated corpses — nine of them hung semi-naked from a bridge — in a city to the west of the capital.
In Mexico, thousands more names added to border wait lists
The Cameroonian men who share 10 mattresses on the floor of a third-floor apartment above a barber shop walk every morning to the busiest US border crossing with Mexico, hoping against all odds that it will be their lucky day to claim asylum in the United States. Their unlikely bet is that a sympathetic Mexican official will somehow find a spot for them.
Mexico to help create 20,000 jobs in Honduras to curb migration
Mexico’s government said on Saturday it would help Honduras create 20,000 jobs this year and support its coffee farmers as the two countries seek to curb migration to the United States that has created tensions with US President Donald Trump.Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and his Honduran counterpart, Juan Orlando Hernandez, pledged to work together to lift prosperity in Central America, where poverty and violence have fueled an exodus of people north.
Mexico environmental authority suspends transport firm facility
Mexico’s environmental prosecutor Profepa said it ordered the partial and temporary closure of mining and transport firm Grupo Mexico’s Guaymas facility after it spilled sulfuric acid in the Gulf of California.
Some asylum seekers forced to wait in Mexico help each other
A small group of asylum seekers sit under a canopy on the side of a road leading into the United States, chatting to pass the time as a blazing desert sun pushes the heat into triple digits and fumes roll in from dozens of cars lined up to cross the US-Mexico border.
US accelerates returns of Central American asylum seekers to Mexico
The administration of US President Donald Trump is more than doubling the number of asylum seekers it returns to Mexico as it rapidly expands a policy to make Central American migrants wait for claims south of the US-Mexico border.
Mexico ready to retaliate if US imposes tariffs: Minister
Mexico will be ready to retaliate in kind if the US government imposes tariffs on Mexican exports to the United States, Mexican Economy Minister Graciela Marquez said on Friday.
Court in Mexico orders migrant caravan activists freed
A court in Mexico has dismissed all charges against two prominent migration activists who had been jailed last week on human-trafficking accusations.
Trump brandishes 'secret' migration deal already disclosed by Mexico
US President Donald Trump has flaunted a document confirming details of an immigration deal agreed with Mexico to avoid threatened US tariffs, saying the plan was “secret” even though Mexican officials had revealed much of the asylum agreement.
Democrats blast Trump over tariff threat against Mexico
Democratic lawmakers in the US Congress have blasted President Donald Trump's tactics of threatening tariffs to gain concessions on immigration from Mexico, saying the Republican president was recklessly endangering Washington’s ties to a major trading partner and ally.
Trump makes vague promise on new, 'very important' part of Mexico trade agreement
President Donald Trump continued Monday to talk up the trade agreement his administration struck with Mexico after a weekend of news reports poking holes in his claims that Mexico had agreed to significant new concessions to avert tariffs.
US Fed ‘isn’t enough’ to offset damage of tariff skirmishes with China, Mexico
A dovish Federal Reserve can use tools such as rate cuts to lessen the damage of America’s tariff skirmishes with China and Mexico, but it is either limited in its effectiveness or in its motivations, two economists told CNBC on Thursday.
Republicans warn Trump not to impose tariffs on Mexico
US President Donald Trump says he would likely impose new tariffs on imports from Mexico to pressure the country to crack down on the rising numbers of migrants entering the US, as lawmakers from his own Republican Party expressed deep opposition to such a move.

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