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Iran’s rural women cooperatives help sustainable entrepreneurship: Deputy minister
Iran’s rural women cooperatives have helped sustainable entrepreneurship across the country, said deputy minister of agricultural jihad.
Nicola Sturgeon insists on 'legal' route to independence
Scotland’s First Minister has touched off a debate on the route to Scottish independence by insisting that a “legal referendum” is the only way to achieve the desired outcome.
Over 3m Iranians expected to go on Arbaeen pilgrimage: Minister
The number of Iranian pilgrims visiting Iraq for this year’s Arbaeen ceremony is expected to top three million, Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said.
Israeli forces detain Palestinian minister of Jerusalem al-Quds affairs
Israeli military forces have arrested the Palestinian minister of Jerusalem al-Quds affairs on charges of conducting political activity in the occupied territory.
Shadow Northern Ireland minister warns of the return of 'hard' border
The Shadow Northern Ireland Minister, Stephen Pound, has warned that the Good Friday peace agreement in Northern Ireland would be “dead” if Brexit led to the return to a “hard” border.
Welsh First Minister: UK must 'reform' to survive
In an impassioned plea, Welsh First Minister, Mark Drakeford, has called on the UK to reform in order to survive.
Iran tax revenues up by %35 amid evasion crackdown: Minister
Iran’s finance minister says better taxation polices over the past months, including a serious crackdown on avoidance and evasion, have led to more tax revenues for the government.
France's summer heatwaves claimed 1,500 lives: minister
Two heatwaves that hit France this summer claimed more than 1,500 more lives, Health Minister Agnes Buzyn said Sunday.
Minister: Tehran-Beijing ties constructive
Iran’s Labor Minister Mohammad Shariatmadari, in a meeting with Chinese Ambassador to Tehran Chang Hua, described bilateral ties between the two countries as constructive, and called for strategic cooperation in bilateral and international arenas.
Nearly 30,000 Iranian villages linked to mobile phone network since 2013: Minister
Iran’s coverage of mobile phone and broadband services for rural areas is expanding rapidly as the government eyes easier access for villagers to online education and other schemes.
Peso stability a priority, says new Argentine finance minister
Argentina's new finance minister made stabilizing the country's battered currency his top priority Tuesday, while still pledging to meet commitments made to the International Monetary Fund, which is sending a team to Buenos Aires.
Minister: Iran aims to help boost Iraq’s defense power
Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami described efforts to strengthen Iraq’s military capabilities as a main policy of the Islamic Republic.
Afghan minister invites Iran’s investors for collaboration in power generation
Afghan Minister of Water and Energy Mohammad Gul Khulmi invited Iranian private investors involved in the power industry to help boost electricity generation in Afghanistan.

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