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Egyptian court sentences Muslim Brotherhood leader to life in prison
A court in Egypt has sentenced the chairman of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and other senior leaders of the movement to life in prison over charges of alleged incitement to murder and violence during protest rallies five years ago.
World's largest wooden Qur'an amazes visitors
The world has many giant copies of the holy Qur'an, but its only giant wooden Qur'an can be found in Palembang, the capital of Indonesia's South Sumatra Province.
Ban on Muslim full-face veil takes effect in Denmark
A law that prohibits Muslim women from wearing full-face veil in public places has come into force in Denmark.
Philippine leader approves autonomy law for Muslim region
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has approved a law permitting the autonomy-seeking Muslim community in the south of the country to start a legal procedure to gain autonomy.
Islamophobic attacks hit record high in UK: Monitor
An anti-Muslim hate monitoring group says a record number of Islamophobic attacks and incidents of abuse were reported in the United Kingdom in 2017, with women disproportionately targeted by mostly male teenage assailants.
Indian newspaper: Iran 'different from every other Muslim land'
Iran is a wondrous contrast to how the West has often presented it, wrote The Telegraph India.
Muslim states urge int'l protection force for Palestinians amid Israeli atrocities
Muslim leaders, who gathered in Turkey for an special summit on recent Gaza killings, have called for an international force to be deployed to protect Palestinian people against Israeli crimes.
Muslim states seek global pressure on Myanmar over Rohingya crisis
Foreign ministers from Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) have launched a campaign to mobilize international support for action against Myanmar over the Rohingya refugee crisis.
Conference speakers stress unity in Muslim world
Speakers at an international conference in Pakistan’s Islamabad said that the Islamic World needs to unite to meet the challenges stressing that annihilation of terrorism and extremism is need of the time.
UK to launch first Muslim literature, culture festival
Novelists Elif Shafak and Kamila Shamsie are set to headline the UK's first dedicated festival of Muslim culture, literature and ideas, at the British Library in April.
Tabriz gears up for biggest tourism event of Muslim states in 2018
Tabriz in northwest Iran seeks to step out of the twilight with a spectacular gala which is set to attract heads of state, business leaders and gurus of the hospitality industry to the biggest tourism event of Muslims states in 2018.
Rohingya persecution could trigger regional conflict: UN
The United Nations’ human rights chief has warned that the persecution of Rohingya Muslim people in Myanmar could spark a regional conflict.
100,000 Rohingya refugees in grave danger from monsoon rains, UN warns
The United Nations has warned that more than 100,000 Rohingya Muslims in Bangladeshi refugee camps will be in grave danger with the mid-year monsoon season on its way.
Muslim countries urged to sever ties with Israel
Participants in the Al-Aqsa Conference in Malaysia urged all Muslim countries to cut off any diplomatic and economic relations with Israel to pressure the Zionist regime to liberate Palestine and the Holy Quds.
Trump apologizes for re-tweeting anti-Muslim videos by far-right British group
US President Donald Trump has apologized for the first time for re-tweeting anti-Muslim videos posted by a British far-right group in November, which had sparked widespread outrage in the UK.

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