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Very Large Telescope snaps first confirmed photo of a newborn planet
The European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope has captured detailed imagery of a newborn planet carving a path through the protoplanetary disk surrounding PDS 70, a young dwarf star.
Watching this newborn island erode could tell us a lot about Mars
Earth’s youngest bit of land is getting a new lease on life. When an erupting volcano birthed an island in the Pacific Ocean in late 2014, scientists thought waves would erode the island away within just a few months.
Newborn heart stem cells may 'reverse aging' of older hearts
Stem cells from young hearts might breathe new life into aging ones, research in rats suggested.
Refugee mother forced to wash newborn baby in puddle
A photograph has emerged of a refugee woman appearing to wash her 20-day-old baby in a puddle.
Newborn's heart attack shows heart can recover
Scientists who saved the life of a newborn after a massive heart attack say the case shows that the human heart can fully recover after suffering major damage.
Unsafe conditions killing new mothers, newborns
A paper published in PLOS Medicine argues that despite improvements in health care, new mothers and newborns are still dying because a reliable supply of safe water, good hygiene practice and adequate toilets are often not present.

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