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Iranians spending time in nature on last day of Nowruz holidays
Iranians are spending time picnicking outdoors with family and friends to celebrate national Nature’s Day, also known in Persian as Sizdah Bedar, on the last day of Nowruz festivities.
Indian envoy: Nowruz originally Persian festivity
Beijing, March 25, IRNA – Numerous countries celebrate Nowruz across the world, but it should be remembred that the festivity is originally Persian, India's envoy to China said on Monday.
Nowruz celebrated in Ecuador
Nowruz celebration was held with the attendance of Iranian nationals and Ecuadorian people in Quito.
SCO chief lauds Nowruz role in world peace
Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) chief praised the key role of Nowruz cerermony in uniting people and promotion of peace in the world.
Nowruz reinforcing world peace
Iran's Ambassador to Sarajevo said Nowruz is the sign of cultural beauty and reinforces international peace.
Daesh will never attain 'ominous' goals: Iran
Iran has condemned several explosions claimed by the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group in the Afghan capital of Kabul during celebrations to mark Nowruz, the start of the Persian New Year, expressing confidence that the terrorists will never achieve their "ominous" goals.
Pak PM extends felicitation on Nowruz
Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on Thursday extended felicitation on the occasion of Nowruz festival.
Nowruz regards celebrating friendship, reconciliation, harmony: UN Chief
Nowruz is celebrated in a spirit of friendship, reconciliation and harmony, said the UN Secretary-General on Thursday in a message for the International Day of Nowruz, observed on 21 March.
Explosions in Afghan capital Kabul kill six during new year festival
Multiple explosions in the Afghan capital of Kabul on Thursday killed six people and wounded 23 in an attack during celebrations to mark the Persian new year, government spokesmen said.
Iranians commemorate ancient festival of Nowruz
Monday, March 20th, marks the grand festival of Nowruz. On this day, Iranians usher in the Persian New Year at the exact moment of the vernal equinox which marks the start of spring.
Iran hosts celebrations marking Nowruz at UN in New York
Iran has hosted an event at the United Nations to celebrate Nowruz or the Persian New Year, with senior diplomats from the world body and a dozen Asian countries in attendance.
Nowruz helps regional states forge closer ties: Rouhani
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the Persian New Year or Nowruz carries the message of peace and coexistence, stressing that the occasion should be seized to strengthen friendship among neighboring states.
'Chance for a different future’ in Obama's Nowruz message
US President Barack Obama says Washington recognizes Iran’s “right to peaceful nuclear energy” in his Nowruz message to congratulate Iranians on the eve of the Persian calendar New Year.
Police in Turkey clash with Kurds marking Nowruz in Silopi
Turkish police have attacked people during Nowruz festivities held by Kurds in the town of Silopi in defiance of a ban on mass gatherings amid Ankara’s crackdown on Kurdish militants.
Nowruz messenger of peace, harmony, tolerance and reconciliation: UNESCO Chief
Director-General of UNESCO Ms Irina Bokova in her message on the occasion of International Day of Nowruz, 21 March 2015, said in these uncertain and turbulent times, let us all embrace the values of Nowruz and carry forward its message of peace, harmony, tolerance and reconciliation.

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