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Paleontologists evaluate fossil color reconstruction methods to propose new study framework
Dr. Michael Pittman of the Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory, Department of Earth Sciences, the University of Hong Kong led an international study with his PhD student Arindam Roy that evaluates fossil color reconstruction methods to propose a new study framework that improves and expands current practice. The paper was recently published in the journal Biological Reviews.
Paleontologists discover new sauropod species in Argentina
A team of Spanish and Argentine paleontologists discovered the remains of a dinosaur that lived 110 million years ago in the center of the country, the National University of La Matanza revealed on Friday.
Paleontologists discover new species of sauropod dinosaur in Tanzania
Paleontologists have identified a new species of titanosaurian dinosaur.
Paleontologists unearth largest dinosaur species in Patagonia
Paleontologists have unearthed a new species of titanosaur in Argentina's Patagonia. Researchers believe it is the largest dinosaur species ever discovered.
Paleontologists discover a big concentration of mammoth bones
Over a month, scientists and students of Tomsk State University (Russia) conducted an excavation in the Novosibirsk Region at one of the largest mammoth graveyards in Eurasia.

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