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Palestinians rap US policy shift on Israeli settlements
Palestinian officials lashed out at the administration of US President Donald Trump for breaking with decades of American policy against Israeli settlements built on occupied Palestinian land, describing it as yet another blow to international law.
Israel bombs Gaza despite earlier ceasefire deal, Palestinians urge retaliation
Israel has launched airstrikes on the Gaza Strip despite agreeing to an earlier ceasefire, arousing popular calls for continued Palestinian retaliatory strikes in response to the onslaught.
Israel bombs Gaza despite cease-fire deal, Palestinians urge retaliation
Israel launched airstrikes on the Gaza Strip despite agreeing to an earlier cease-fire, arousing popular calls for continued Palestinian retaliatory strikes in response to the onslaught.
Saudi Arabia's detention of Palestinians unacceptable: Hamas official
A member of the politburo of the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement has lambasted the detention of dozens of Palestinians in prisons across Saudi Arabia as “unacceptable,” saying the campaign of arrests continues unabated and that no dramatic progress has been made in this regard despite contacts with Saudi officials.
Dozens demonstrate in northern Gaza to demand full lifting of siege
Dozens of Palestinians have staged a demonstration in the northern part of the Gaza Strip to demand that the Israeli authorities completely lift the blockade that has been imposed on the impoverished coastal enclave for more than a decade.
Israeli forces injure 63 Gazans
Dozens of Palestinians have been injured by Israeli forces during yet another round of crackdown on anti-occupation protests in the besieged Gaza Strip.
Israeli forces injure over 75 Palestinians in Gaza
More than 75 Palestinians have been injured as the Israeli forces attacked anti-occupation protests near the fence between the besieged Gaza Strip and the occupied territories.
'Natanyahu, Gantz only different in degree of brutality toward Palestinians'
Political analysts say as far as Palestinians are concerned, it makes no difference which party is going to win in the Israeli elections since both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the right-wing Likud party and his main challenger centrist Benny Gantz of the Blue and White alliance back occupation of the Palestinian territories.
Israeli High Court allows military to hold bodies of slain Palestinians for use in negotiations
Israel’s so-called High Court of Justice has ruled that the military can withhold bodies of the Palestinians that it kills to grant the Tel Aviv regime leverage in future negotiations with Palestinians, drawing immediate condemnation from Palestinians.
Dozens of Palestinians disappear in Saudi Arabia, families testify to group
Dozens of Palestinians have forcibly disappeared in Saudi Arabia and their fates remain unknown, according to testimonies by their families given to a Swiss-based rights group.
Israel subjected 76 Palestinians to ‘administrative detention’ in Aug.
The Israeli regime last month subjected dozens of Palestinians to an illegal practice known as “administrative detention,” a form of imprisonment in which the individual is never tried and can be held indefinitely.
Israel kills Hamas member in Gaza; Palestinians vow revenge
The Israeli military says its troops have opened fire at two members of the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement near the besieged Gaza Strip’s fence, killing one of them.
Palestinians protest Trump's Mideast peace conference
Palestinians burned effigies of US President Donald Trump and marched a donkey pasted over with images of Persian Gulf royals in the West Bank on Tuesday, as the US opened its conference in Bahrain, which focuses on the economic portion of the White House's so-called plan for Mideast peace.

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