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Hundreds protest proposed energy law in Algeria
Hundreds of Algerians protested in front of parliament on Sunday against a proposed energy law that they say the caretaker government has no right to pass.
Parliament speaker in Serbia to attend IPU meeting
Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani arrived in Serbia’s capital Belgrade to attend the 141st Assembly of Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), according to IRNA.
Is the Queen’s hand in Iraq and Parliament pushing taxpayers too far?
The Queen’s two biggest failures in recent decades – the Iraq War and the prorogation of Parliament – beg the question: have taxpayers had enough of the Monarchy?
How fit is the Parliament in handling the current Brexit drama?
The UK Parliament was suspended again by the Queen on Tuesday, but this Wednesday the Government has announced plans to hold an emergency session of Parliament on October 19 to decide the fate of Brexit.
UK plans rare weekend sitting of Parliament, Brexit deal or no deal
Britain’s government plans to hold a special sitting of Parliament on Oct. 19, whether or not Prime Minister Boris Johnson secures a Brexit deal with the European Union, a government source said on Wednesday.
Tunisia votes for a new Parliament
Tunisians voted for a new Parliament on Sunday but quiet polling stations gave an indication of the economic disillusionment that has emerged since the 2011 revolution and brought political newcomers to challenge established parties.
Will the (a)political Queen step up to rescue the country?
The UK Parliament was centre stage to chaotic and toxic moments last week as the lawmakers returned to work.
Boris Johnson’s attack on parliament symptom of wider problem
UK PM Boris Johnson’s “dangerous” language while addressing MPs is just a symptom of the wider societal culture of violence.
Boris Johnson’s attack on parliament symptom of wider problem
UK PM Boris Johnson’s “dangerous” language while addressing MPs is just a symptom of the wider societal culture of violence.
PM effectively held 'hostage' by a hostile Parliament
Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has cut short his trip to the United Nations (UN) to return home and face the music.
Top UK court rules PM suspended Parliament unlawfully
The UK Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that Boris Johnson’s decision to shut down Parliament in the run-up to Brexit was unlawful, but a defiant prime minister said he disagreed and vowed that Britain would leave the EU by Oct. 31, come what may.
Lawmakers endorse Rouhani’s picks for two ministries
Iran’s Parliament gave its vote of confidence to President Hassan Rouhani’s nominees for the Education Ministry and the newly-established Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts.
Five flip-flopping ministers now keeping mum over prorogation
Five Conservative cabinet members who once rejected the idea of Parliamentary prorogation are now very tight-lipped following PM Boris Johnson’s announcement to suspend Parliament next month.
British PM warns MPs against trying to block Brexit
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday warned any attempt by MPs next week to stop Brexit or delay it beyond October 31 would do "lasting damage" to public trust in politics.
Johnson’s parliament plan not serving British national interests: Analyst
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan to suspend parliament for five weeks as the government’s Brexit deadline approaches is “unprecedented” and serves his own political agenda, not British national interests, says a commentator.

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