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New remote pulse sensors promise a good night's sleep for NHS hospital patients
With the 24-hour bustle of staff going to and fro and the beeping of alarms, hospital wards are notoriously noisy places.
Most breast cancer patients want early cost estimates
The cost of breast cancer treatment rarely comes up in doctor-patient discussions — but most patients wish it would, researchers report.
Well-being for MS patients increases with age
Living with a potentially disabling condition like multiple sclerosis can be difficult, but new research suggested patients get better at dealing with it over time.
Coffee may have another perk for kidney patients
Could that morning cup of joe bring a health boost to people battling kidney disease?
NHS staff who refuse flu vaccine may be banned from treating patients
Doctors and nurses who refuse to have a flu jab this winter could be banned from working with patients, the NHS regulator has warned.
Nurses’ role in educating patients to reduce health risks of sedentary time
Sitting for too many hours per day, or sitting for long periods without a break, is now known to increase a wide range of health risks, even if one engages in recommended amounts of physical activity.
Poor hospital discharge process puts patients 'at risk'
Patients are being put at risk because of a lack of staff awareness about discharging them from hospital, a report has said.
Drop 'cancer' label to protect patients from over-treatment
Australian researchers are calling for a radical overhaul of cancer diagnoses to reduce harmful overtreatment.
Patients who accepted infected kidneys cured of hepatitis C
Some patients in desperate need of a kidney transplant participated in a bold experiment where they received organs infected with hepatitis C. The gamble paid off.
Test to save patients from invasive open biopsies
University of Queensland researchers are developing diagnostic tests for a genetic condition which can cause the body to fatally overheat while under a general anesthetic.
Doctors give patients only seconds to explain reason for visit before interrupting
Have you ever felt rushed during a doctor’s visit? Most physicians don’t give their patients adequate time to explain the reason for their visit, according to a new study.
Deep brain stimulation promising for mild Alzheimer's patients older than 65
Alzheimer's patients older than 65 benefit the most benefit from deep brain stimulation, according to findings from a recent phase II clinical trial.
Acupuncture gives relief to cancer patients suffering insomnia
Doctors may be turning away from medication and headed toward more holistic methods to treat cancer survivors who suffer from severe insomnia.
Brain cancer vaccine effective in some patients
Most people with the deadly brain cancer glioblastoma die less than 18 months after diagnosis. But a multicenter clinical trial of a personalized vaccine that targets the aggressive cancer has indicated improved survival rates for such patients.
Empower patients and harness technology to reduce medication mistakes, new research says
Improved integration of care between providers and the use of electronic records that follow the patient are needed to reduce serious medication errors in Australian healthcare, new research found.

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