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New discovery shows Persian settlement in Japan in 765 CE
Japanese researchers say they have found evidence of at least one Persian man living in Japan’s ancient city of Nara in the eighth century.
Persian poet Mazaher Mosaffa dies aged 87
Iran’s contemporary poet Mazaher Mosaffa, who was mostly known for his odes, died at the age of 87 of natural causes at his home in Tehran on Thursday.
Ancient Persian artifact nearly 2,500 years old returns to Oriental Institute
The lion and the bull have been fighting, locked in stone, for nearly 2,500 years – ever since an ancient sculptor carved them into a slab of black limestone and set them into a monumental staircase at Persepolis, the royal center of the great Achaemenid Empire.
Persian leopard spotted in northern Iran
A Persian leopard has been spotted in the mountainous habitats of Tarom in Qazvin Province, northern Iran.
Iran to pay tribute to Persian poet Khayyam
A number of Iranian literati and Khayyam scholars as well as his aficionados will gather at the University of Neyshabur in his hometown today to discuss works by the great Persian poet and mathematician.
Zarif unveils busts of four Persian poets in Moscow
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif attended a ceremony at the Iranian Embassy in Moscow to unveil the busts of four Iranian poets and cultural figures, IRNA reported.
Shop owners in Turkish Van learn Persian to welcome Iranian tourists
Shop owners in the eastern province of Van began learning Persian to communicate better with tourists from Iran and to provide better service to them.
Iran marks Day of Sa’adi, master of Persian prose, poetry
Aficionados of literature have commemorated the Day of Sa’adi of Shiraz, the world-renowned Persian poet and literary scholar of the medieval period.
Persian poet Attar to be commemorated
Several programs will be held to commemorate the birth anniversary of the 13th-century Persian mystic and poet Farideddin Attar Neyshaburi, known as Attar, today.
Foreign-based Persian language media seeking rift between Iranian people, gov’t
Persian language media relyong on financial support from the US and the UK are seeking to create rift between the Iranian nation and government officials, said Iran’s ambassador to the UK Hamid Baeidinejad.
Indian envoy: Nowruz originally Persian festivity
Beijing, March 25, IRNA – Numerous countries celebrate Nowruz across the world, but it should be remembred that the festivity is originally Persian, India's envoy to China said on Monday.
Antique Persian wool carpets, fine Italian paintings share top lot honors in US auction
Palace-size antique Persian wool carpets and oil on canvas paintings by Italian artists shared top lot honors at a 373-lot Estate Antiques and Fine Art Auction held by Bruneau and Co. Auctioneers.
Persian historical rugs on display in Iran for first time
A total number of 16 Persian rugs, prayer mats and historical pateh (Iranian traditional needlework folk art) related to Qajar Dynasty and First Pahlavi Era are scheduled to be on view for the first time in Iran.

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