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New Delhi is world's most polluted capital for second straight year: Study
New Delhi was the world’s most polluted capital city for the second straight year in 2019, according to a Swiss-based group that gathers air-quality data globally.
Indonesian ‘Happy River’ so polluted you can’t see the water
Workers and military personnel have been desperately trying to collect rubbish overflowing in a river in Indonesia.
Polluted, bike-hostile Brussels to slam on brakes
Brussels has made its choice: To reduce emissions and encourage greener, two-wheeled transport options, the road speed limit will have to come down.
Polluted air 'poisoning thousands' across north of England
Dangerous levels of air pollution in towns and cities across the north of England are threatening the health of hundreds of thousands of people and stifling economic growth, according to a new report.
Scientists find star polluted by calcium
Apparently, pollution isn't strictly an Earth problem. Astronomers in Russia have discovered a star system boasting an atmosphere polluted by heavy elements, including calcium.
Polluted London sets its sights on cars
Gone are the days of London's ‘pea souper’ smogs, but like many European cities, the British capital is once again being choked by pollution — and has road traffic firmly in its sights.
Bringing a breath of fresh air to polluted British cities
Featuring a sturdy leather head-strap and mask, two large tubes and a transparent backpack containing a small potted plant, designer Chih Chiu’s response to crowded, polluted cities is stark.
No sea pollution-cancer link
Caspian Sea is polluted, but no scientific studies have yet proved any link between cancers and sea pollution, said the deputy head of environmental agency for marine affairs, Parvin Farshchi, in reaction to a claim by a parliamentarian.

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