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Fossil of prehistoric deer found in Argentina
The well-preserved fossil of a prehistoric deer has been discovered just to the north of Buenos Aires, the La Matanza University revealed on Monday.
Ancient DNA reveals prehistoric population of Southeast Asia
After analyzing ancient DNA samples, scientists now have a bit more clarity on how early humans first arrived in Southeast Asia.
Prehistoric frogs in amber surface after 99m years
Frogs trapped in amber for 99 million years are giving a glimpse of a lost world.
Prehistoric teeth reveal details on Africa's paleoclimate
New research out of South Africa's Wonderwerk Cave led by anthropologists at the University of Toronto (U of T) shows that the climate of the interior of southern Africa almost two million years ago was like no modern African environment — it was much wetter.
Prehistoric rock art site unearthed in India
A prehistoric rock art site discovered in the vast expanse of limestone blocks on the eastern banks of Naguleru near Dachepalli has thrown light on the Neolithic civilization that flourished in India's Guntur during 1500-2000 BCE.
Iron Age artefacts shed light on prehistoric feasting
A unique collection of Iron Age metal artefacts which sheds new light on feasting rituals among prehistoric communities has been discovered by archeologists from the University of Leicester during an excavation at Glenfield Park, Leicestershire.
Prehistoric Cochno Stone to be unearthed for first time since 1965 burial
A prehistoric stone panel said to be the most important in Europe is being unearthed for the first time in 50 years — next to a housing estate in Clydebank.
Highland East Asian origin for prehistoric Himalayan populations
In a collaborative study by the University of Oklahoma, University of Chicago, University of California, Merced, and Uppsala University, researchers conduct the first ancient DNA investigation of the Himalayan arc, generating genomic data for eight individuals ranging in time from the earliest known human settlements to the establishment of the Tibetan Empire.
How viruses infiltrated our DNA
Hundreds of millions of years ago, prehistoric viruses inserted their genes into the genomes of our ancestors.
Largest prehistoric marine crocodile discovered
A five-foot-long skull, discovered in Tunisia, has led to the identification of a new species.
Excavations reveal prehistoric culture of Marvdasht
Archeological excavations in Tappeh Sabz (Green Hill) in southern Iran have revealed a rich culture dating back to the prehistoric era.

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