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France's prime minister defies unions with pension overhaul
Prime Minister Edouard Philippe defied striking workers on Wednesday with plans for a long-anticipated overhaul of France’s byzantine pension system that he said would be fairer and encourage people to work longer.
Two Algerian ex-PMs get heavy jail terms in graft trial
An Algerian court sentenced two former prime ministers to long prison terms Tuesday in the first of a string of high-profile corruption trials launched after former president Abdelaziz Bouteflika resigned in the face of mass protests in April.
Israeli attorney general indicts Netanyahu’s lawyer for money laundering
The Israeli prosecutor's office has announced that it intends to file an indictment against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's personal lawyer for money laundering charges.
Italy PM defends reform of euro zone bailout fund but seeks concessions
Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has told parliament on Monday a contested reform of the euro zone’s bailout fund was in Italy’s national interest, but that it should only be adopted as a package alongside other measures.
Iraqi prime minister announces intention to resign following Sistani call
Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi says he intends to resign in response to a call by the country’s top Shia cleric, who urged Iraqi lawmakers to "reconsider" their options regarding the future of Iraq.
UK PM Johnson vows 23.5 billion pounds more spending and tax cuts
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised 23.5 billion pounds ($30.15 billion) of tax cuts and extra spending which he sought to contrast with the opposition Labour Party’s plans.
Likud officials in talks to topple Netanyahu after graft indictments: Report
Senior officials from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party have reportedly been working behind the scenes to bring him down following his indictment on corruption charges.
Kuwait PM declines emir’s offer to be reappointed as senior ministers removed
Kuwait's caretaker Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber al-Mubarak has declined the ruling emir’s offer to be reappointed as premier after submitting the government's resignation last week.
Kuwait cabinet quits after disputes in parliament
Kuwait's prime minister submitted his resignation Thursday along with his cabinet, officials said, amid infighting between ministers and criticism of their performance.
Boris Johnson gets cold treatment from flood victims
Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has received a frosty reception during his tour of flood-stricken areas in South Yorkshire.
Johnson's position is likely to embolden Scottish radicals
Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has just ruled out a second Scottish independence referendum.
Lebanese banks open to customers again as life returns to normalcy
Lebanese banks on Friday reopened their doors to customers for the first time in two weeks as the people’s lives start to get back to normal after an unprecedented wave of protests that made Prime Minister Saad Hariri resign.
Boris Johnson readies to fight a 'tough' general election campaign
Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has said he is ready to fight a “tough” general election as campaigning for a December poll gets underway.
Johnson makes final push to get Brexit done amid heightened uncertainty
The next few days is set to determine the fate of Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal. Despite a major humiliation at the House of Commons on Saturday, and a further setback yesterday, the Prime Minister appears undaunted by the immediate challenges ahead.
A vote on PM's new Brexit deal now expected next week
In an extraordinary session of the House of Commons, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just been forced to request a delay to Brexit by 322 votes to 306.

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