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France recalls Rome envoy after Italian leader meets Yellow Vest protesters
France has recalled its ambassador from Rome after an Italian leader held a meeting with French ‘Yellow Vest’ protesters.
Israeli forces shoot, injure 19 Palestinian protesters in West Bank
Nearly two dozen Palestinians have sustained gunshot wounds when Israeli military forces opened fire at a group of demonstrators participating in a protest rally against the protracted and extremely violent attacks being carried by the extremist settlers across the occupied West Bank.
'Yellow Vest' protesters rally in France despite Macron's outreach
Hundreds of “Yellow Vest” demonstrators have convened in the French capital, Paris, and several other cities for the tenth consecutive weekend of anti-government protests despite a national debate launched this week by President Emmanuel Macron aimed at relieving the discontent.
Police in Brazil fire tear gas at protesters
Brazilian riot police have fired teargas and stun grenades to disperse thousands of demonstrators protesting against rising public transport fares in Sao Paulo.
Sudan police fire tear gas at protesters in Khartoum, Darfur
Sudanese police have fired tear gas at crowds of anti-government protesters in the capital Khartoum and the western region of Darfur during nationwide demonstrations against the 30-year rule of President Omar al-Bashir.
Sudan police break up anti-govt. protesters, Bashir backers plan to rally
With supporters of President Omar al-Bashir planning a counter-rally next week, police in Sudan have once again fired tear gas canisters at protesters to break up their crowds, more than two weeks after anti-government protests began in the African country.
France's 'yellow vest' protesters back on streets
French ‘yellow vest’ protesters marched through Paris and other cities on Saturday to highlight their struggle to make ends meet, a day after President Emmanuel Macron’s government hardened its stance against them.
Sudanese police use tear gas against protesters seeking 'peace, justice'
Sudanese police have fired tear gas to disperse anti-government protesters in Omdurman City, near the capital Khartoum.
Yellow vest protesters target French media as movement ebbs
Yellow vest protesters marched on the headquarters of leading French broadcasters Saturday, as small groups turned out Saturday in Paris and around France despite waning momentum for their movement.
Sudan police attack 'peaceful' protesters near Khartoum
Sudanese security forces have fired tear gas and stun grenades to disperse hundreds of demonstrators near the capital Khartoum amid calls by opposition groups for more anti-government protests.
'Yellow vest' protesters seek to stop traffic in Portugal
A few hundred "yellow vest" protesters demanding lower taxes and inspired by riots in Paris took to the streets across Portugal on Friday in an attempt to stop traffic.
French National Assembly okays Macron tax concessions to yellow vest protesters
The French National Assembly has given the green light to a package of emergency concessions announced by President Emmanuel Macron to end violent protests across the country.
'Yellow Vest' protesters show up in London, block Westminster Bridge
Pro-Brexit protesters have blocked London’s Westminster Bridge to express support for Brexit, adopting the iconic "Yellow Vests" used by anti-Macron protesters in France.
Libyan Government of National Accord headquarters stormed in Tripoli
Protesters have stormed the headquarters of Libya's Government of National Accord (GNA) in the capital Tripoli.
Belgian police fire tear gas at anti-tax protesters in Brussels, arrest 70
Belgian police have fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators inspired by France’s “yellow vests” anti-tax movement in the capital Brussels.

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