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In nationwide move, protesters mark 9th anniversary of Bahrain uprising
Thousands of people have staged nationwide demonstrations across Bahrain on the eve of the ninth anniversary of the popular uprising against the ruling Al Khalifah dynasty.
‘Lock him up’ protesters chant outside Trump rally in Wildwood
More than a hundred of protesters have held demonstrations in Wildwood, New Jersey, chanting slogans against President Donald Trump.
Zurich police use tear gas, water cannons on World Economic Forum protesters
Swiss police has used water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas to subdue demonstrators in Zurich who ignited fireworks and threw bottles as part of a protest targeting the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) conference in Davos.
Shaheen Bagh protesters pledge to fight, seek rollback of CAA law
Bilquis has been on a sit-in protest since mid-December in the Indian capital against a new citizenship law that critics say runs counter to the country's secular Constitution.
Indian police battle anti-Modi protesters over disputed law
Indian police baton-charged protesters Sunday to stop them reaching Prime Minister Narendra Modi's cavalcade as nationwide protests against a bitterly disputed citizenship law entered a second month.
Indian police battle anti-Modi protesters over contentious law
Indian police baton-charged protesters Sunday to stop them reaching Prime Minister Narendra Modi's cavalcade as nationwide protests against a bitterly disputed anti-Muslim law entered a second month.
Police crack down on anti-regime protesters in Algerian capital
Baton-wielding police have broken up a protest in Algiers, cracking down on demonstrators vowing to keep up the anti-regime movement that has rocked Algeria for nearly a year.
Police, protesters clash during huge Hong Kong protest
Tens of thousands of anti-government marchers thronged the streets of Hong Kong for a massive rally on New Year's Day, looking to carry the momentum of their movement into 2020 as police and hardcore demonstrators faced off again.
Hong Kong police arrest protesters in shopping mall
Hong Kong police arrested about a dozen protesters and used pepper spray on Saturday to break up a protest in a shopping mall aimed at disrupting retail businesses near the border with mainland China.
Hong Kong protesters clash with police at shopping malls
Rioters in Hong Kong have clashed with riot police in upscale malls in Hong Kong during a series of flashmob rallies.
Roadblocks across Lebanon as anger rises over PM pick
Protesters blocked roads across crisis-hit Lebanon Friday to condemn the designation of Hassan Diab as prime minister in a divisive vote that sparked uproar among members of the Sunni community.
Protesters rally in Marseille over French pension reform
Protesters, including several 'yellow vests', gather in Marseille for a rally against France's pensions reforms on the 13th day of a nationwide strike that has crippled the public transport system and closed schools throughout the country.
Somerset has 'deadly levels of air pollution', claim Extinction Rebellion protesters
Extinction Rebellion has claimed Somerset, a county in South West England, has "deadly levels of air pollution".
Protesters have to counter rioters as violence hinders true reforms: Iraq's top cleric
Iraq's top cleric has said that violence and chaos will only hinder true reforms as demanded by ongoing anti-corruption and economic protesters in Iraq, calling on demonstrators to counter violent rioters.
UN decries Hong Kong protest violence, calls for calm
The UN human rights office said on Tuesday that some Hong Kong demonstrators’ resorting to extreme violence, including against police, was “deeply regrettable and cannot be condoned”, voicing concern that the situation could deteriorate further.

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