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Leader: Some Arab rulers pave way for division
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei blasted leaders of “certain Islamic nations” for serving Israel and the United States in stark contrast to the teachings of Islam’s holy book, the Qur'an.
Bosnians laud Iranian Qur'an reciter
Prominent Iranian Qur'an reciter Mahdi Adeli received was acclaimed by Muslims taking part in mosque ceremonies in cities throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Lapis and gold: Exploring Chester Beatty's Ruzbihan Qur'an
The Islamic Collections of the Chester Beatty Library in Ireland are among the finest in existence, and are internationally renowned for their high quality. The library's 16th-century Ruzbihan Qur'an, produced in Iran's southwestern city of Shiraz, is one of the most splendid Islamic manuscripts known. The most detailed and comprehensive study of any Islamic manuscript has been published by Paul Hoberton publishing. The study was done by Elaine Wright, the former curator of Islamic collections at Chester Beatty.
World's largest wooden Qur'an amazes visitors
The world has many giant copies of the holy Qur'an, but its only giant wooden Qur'an can be found in Palembang, the capital of Indonesia's South Sumatra Province.
26th Int’l Qur’an Exhibition opens
The 26th International Qur’an Exhibition opened in Tehran late Saturday with a message from Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani and with the motto of ‘Qur’an Chandelier of Guidance’.
A chance to discover secrets of Birmingham Qur'an
A historic Qur'an manuscript that originated in the Middle East region, and is possibly one of the oldest in the world, has come to the UAE thanks to digital technology, giving people an opportunity to explore the rare document.
Iran to take part in Russia's Qur'an contest
Russia's international Holy Qur'an competition will be held from October 5 to 9 in the category of Qur'an recitation, announced the organizers of the event.
Egyptian Qur'anic contest to identify talents
A Quran competition is planned in Egypt to identify talents in the fields of Tajweed recitation of the holy Qur'an and Tawasheeh (religious signing).
Qur'an copy written by slave in US on display in Beirut
A copy of the Holy Qur'an written by an African slave in the US is on show at an exhibition in Beirut, Lebanon.
Pakistani woman creates world's first hand-stitched Qur'an
The world's first hand-stitched Qur'an has been created by a Pakistani woman.
Qur'ans found torn, burned outside California Islamic centers
Authorities in California are investigating possible hate crimes after two local Islamic centers have discovered destroyed remnants of Qur'ans outside of their mosques.
Tehran Qur'an expo draws over 1.2 million visitors
More than 1.2 million people visited the 25th Tehran International Qur'an Exhibition, announced the organizer of the event.
Holy Qur'an written with acrylic glass on display in Tehran
A large copy of the Holy Qur'an written with acrylic glass is on display at the Tehran International Qur'an Exhibition.
Malaysia plans to have 125,000 Qur'an memorizers by 2050
The government of Malaysia targets to produce 125,000 Qur'an memorizers by 2050 through the National Transformation 2050 (TN50) policy, said the country's deputy prime minister.
Iranian reciter bags top prize in Malaysia Int'l Qur'an contest
Iran's Hamed Alizadeh was named the top winner in the recitation category at the 59th Malaysia's international Qur'an competition which came to a close with a ceremony in Kuala Lumpur.

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