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Iranian researcher makes human cartilage from body cells
Health Desk An Iranian researcher was able to produce human cartilage by sampling, proliferating and culturing human cartilage cells on a collagen protein scaffold.
Researcher helps crack decades-old math problem
Spiros Michalakis, manager of outreach and staff researcher at Caltech's Institute for Quantum Information and Matter (IQIM), and Matthew Hastings, a researcher at Microsoft, have solved one of the world's most challenging open problems in the field of mathematical physics.
Iranian researcher develops a cooling system for travel to Mars
Cooling the surrounding environment of astronauts has been turned into a major concern due to NASA’s serious planning to send astronauts to the Mars.
Researcher finds temporary social media eases inhibitions but not judgment
Yeah, it's temporary, but you still might want to think twice before posting that.
Researcher reveals the shocking truth about electric eels (Video)
Kenneth Catania knows just how much it hurts to be zapped by an electric eel.
AI researcher, Fuzzy logic founder Askarzadeh passes away
The founder of fuzzy logic and University of Tehran graduate Lotfali Askarzadeh passed away at the age of 96.
Researcher identifies possible cause for lupus
A rheumatologist at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research has possibly identified a protein as a cause for the adverse immune system response in lupus.
Detained Iranian researcher sent back to Iran
An Iranian cancer researcher who was detained at Boston’s Logan International Airport has been sent back to his home country.
Young researcher thwarts global cyberattack
The cyberattack that spread malicious software around the world, shutting down networks at hospitals, banks and government agencies, was thwarted by a young British researcher and an inexpensive domain registration, with help from another 20-something security engineer in the US.
Researcher offers hope for treating painful, swollen limbs
Researchers said they have uncovered for the first time the molecular mechanism responsible for triggering lymphedema, a painful swelling of the arms and legs that often comes as an unintended consequence of cancer treatment.
Researcher develop novel assay to decode functional elements of genome
One of the most profound changes in the life of an organism is what Antonio Giraldez calls ‘embryonic puberty’: The stage when an early embryo stops taking instructions from its mother on how to develop and activates its own genome to kick out those instructions instead.
US blacks oppressed by police like Palestinians: Researcher
The police killings of two black men in the United States in the past week underscores that African Americans continue to be oppressed as an ethnic group like the Palestinians, an American researcher and historian says.
Iranian researcher awarded French Legion of Honor
Iranian researcher and associate member of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature Jaleh Amouzgar received the Legion of Honor from the French Ambassador in Iran François Sénémaud in a ceremony at the French Embassy in Tehran.

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