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Iran backs ‘unified’ Iraq, Rouhani tells Kurdish PM
President Hassan Rouhani said Iran invariably backs a “united and integrated” Iraq, warning against attempts by certain foreign powers to deal a blow to regional stability and security.
Israel seeking to create division in Lebanon to protect its own interests: Rouhani
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the Israeli regime seeks to create division in Lebanon to advance its own interests but the Lebanese nation and government have managed to foil enemies’ “divisive plots.”
Rouhani: It’s important to have proper understanding of cyberspace effects
President Hassan Rouhani during a cabinet session on cyberspace pointed to the importance of the proper understanding of effects of cyberspace on the economy, culture, employment and the future of such influence on the country.
President: Israel favors chaos in Lebanon
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani hailed Lebanon for weathering problems and foiling hostile plots, saying the Zionist regime of Israel benefits from tensions in the Arab country.
Rouhani: Trump ‘failed’ to kill off Iran nuclear deal
President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday the United States has failed to scuttle the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, hailing the accord as a "long-lasting victory" for the country.
Rouhani: Tackling economic woes high on agenda
President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday assured the Iranian nation that tackling economic problems and restoring the rights of the people were high on the agenda of his government.
Rouhani: US shamed itself by targeting Iran at UNSC
President Hassan Rouhani said Monday the United States shamed itself by trying to target the Islamic Republic at a UN Security Council (UNSC) meeting it had called on the recent events inside Iran.
President urges diversification of non-oil exports
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called for efforts to reduce the country’s economic vulnerability by diversifying non-oil exports.
Rouhani, Macron talk int’l, Iran developments
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had a phone conversation with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, during which the two sides discussed the recent developments in the region and Iran.
Rouhani, Turkey's Erdogan talk bilateral ties, Iran protests
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in a phone conversation, conferred on bilateral ties and Iran’s recent protests.
Rouhani: People will deal with rioters, lawbreakers
President Hassan Rouhani said the Iranian people will deal with a "small and minority group" of rioters and lawbreakers exploiting the protests against economic conditions in a number of cities in recent days.
Iranians free to express criticism, stage protest: President Rouhani
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani says the Iranian people are completely free to express their criticism of the government or stage protests according to the Constitution and citizenship rights, and in a way that would lead to the improvement of the country's conditions.
Rouhani congratulates Iranian Christians on New Year
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has congratulated the country's Christians ahead of the new Gregorian calendar year.

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