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Facts and Figures about Britain’s Crumbling Royal Navy
Britain’s Royal Navy once had pride of place in an empire where the sun was never supposed to set. Boasting fearsome names like Dauntless, Indefatigable and Ultimatum, this formidable fleet underpinned Britain’s global role.
The Royal Navy: From Piracy to Impotence
The British foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has been busy in the past 24 hours trying to deflect blame, or criticism, from the British government for inflaming tensions in the Persian Gulf.
The Royal Navy: A Shadow of its Imperial Past
The United Kingdom’s decision to deploy more naval assets to the Persian Gulf has caused worry and anxiety in the international community for fear that the augmented British military presence in the region will dramatically inflame tensions.
British Royal Navy vessel monitors Russian warship in English Channel
A British Royal Navy vessel, HMS Hurworth, is monitoring a Russian warship as it is passing through the English Channel in an exercise that usually lasts about 48 hours, the Navy says.

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