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Dramatic satellite footage shows 'notable drop' in air pollution over Italy
Dramatic footage from the European Space Agency (ESA) Copernicus satellite reveals a 'notable drop' in air pollution over Italy after the coronavirus lockdown.
Satellite image data reveals rapid decline of China's intertidal wetlands
Using archives of satellite imaging data, a study in Frontiers in Earth Science has conducted the most in-depth study of China's intertidal wetlands to date and found a 37.62 percent decrease in area between 1970 and 2015.
Iran's Zafar observation satellite to be launched by weekend: ICT Minister
Iran's minister of information and communication technology (ICT) says the country will launch its Zafar (Victory) observation satellite by the end of the Iranian week (February 7) to orbit the Earth at an altitude of 530 km.
ISA head: Iran to launch observation satellite in coming days
Head of the Iranian Space Agency (ISA) Morteza Barari said the country is preparing to launch its new domestically-developed scientific observation satellite in the “coming days”.
North Korea conducts another test at satellite launch site
North Korea said it had successfully conducted another test at a satellite launch site on Friday, North Korean state media outlet KCNA reported on Saturday.
Satellite images prove US smuggling of Syrian oil: Russia
Russia, citing satellite imagery, says the United States has been smuggling Syrian oil to other countries under the protection of its troops before and after the defeat of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group in the region.
NASA launches satellite to explore where air meets space
NASA launched a satellite to explore the mysterious, dynamic region where air meets space.
Satellite will gain hi-res view of greenhouse effect
Europe will launch a satellite to obtain a high-resolution view of Earth's greenhouse effect.
Iran dismisses US space sanctions as ‘ineffective’
Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Wednesday downplayed as “ineffective” the US recent sanctions on the Iran’s space program, saying Washington’s extreme use of economic leverage will gradually threaten its economic might.
Iran shows undamaged satellite, refutes US claim of failed launch
Iran on Saturday showed Nahid 1 (Venus 1) telecommunication satellite to journalists and photographers, refuting US President Donald Trump's claim of the spacecraft's failed launch.
China launches new tracking and data relay satellite
China sent a new satellite from the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) into space from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China at 22:41 on Saturday.
India shoots down own satellite, declares self 'space power'
India shot down a satellite of its own with a missile on Wednesday, joining the world’s most advanced space superpowers; and prompting its arch rival Pakistan to urge avoiding militarization of space.
India launches communication satellite GSAT-31 onboard European rocket
India launched its latest communication satellite GSAT-31 on a European launch services provider Arianespace rocket from French Guiana on Wednesday, local media reported.
Defense Minister: Iran to try another satellite launch soon
Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said Iran is planning to launch its second satellite to space after its recent failure to put a satellite into space.
Japan satellite blasts into space to deliver artificial meteors
A rocket carrying a satellite on a mission to deliver the world's first artificial meteor shower blasted into space on Friday, Japanese scientists said.

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