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Labour leader makes strong pledges ahead of his visit to Scotland
Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is set to visit Scotland today in a bid to shore up his party’s position there ahead of the general election, scheduled for December 12.
Scottish National Party appears confident of crushing Tories in Scotland
The Scottish National Party (SNP) is getting ready to fight the most important election of its lifetime, one that could well decide the fate of the Scottish nation for the next generation.
Scotland high court to hear legal challenge to Brexit deal
Scotland’s highest court is to hear a challenge to have Boris Johnson’s deal agreed with the EU declared unlawful, arguing that it is illegal for Northern Ireland to form part of a separate customs territory – originally amended by the Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg.
Nicola Sturgeon insists on 'legal' route to independence
Scotland’s First Minister has touched off a debate on the route to Scottish independence by insisting that a “legal referendum” is the only way to achieve the desired outcome.
Watchdog finds 'emergency' conditions in Scottish prisons
Europe’s anti-torture watchdog described conditions in Scotland’s overcrowded prisons as an emergency situation, in a damning report that highlights a rise in drug-related violence, the overuse of segregation, and inmates confined to their cells for lengthy periods of time, sometimes in less than 3m2 of living space.
Ancient musical instruments on display in Scotland
Two ancient musical instruments dating back around 2,500 years have formed the centerpiece of a new exhibition launched at the Scottish Crannog Centre in Kenmore.
Van Rompuy says independent Scotland can gain entry to the EU
As the prospect of a no-deal Brexit looms closer, European Union (EU) officials past and present are setting out their true positions and feelings on the issue and its repercussions.
Scotland’s largest exhibition of da Vinci’s works to be held in Edinburg
In November, 80 of the Renaissance master’s greatest drawings will be unveiled at The Queen’s Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse, in Edinburgh, forming the largest exhibition of the artist’s work which has ever been shown in Scotland.
Rare Pictish stone unearthed at early Christian site in Scotland
The discovery of an extremely rare carved Pictish stone at an early Christian site in northern Scotland excited archaeologists.
Welsh Nationalists Go on the Offensive
Boris Johnson’s ascent to the premiership has stimulated opposition from all corners of Britain. The most disaffected groups are nationalists in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.
Scotland’s Drug Mortality Scandal: A Case of Neglect by London?
Recently released figures, which suggest Scotland may have the highest drugs mortality rate in the world, have caused shock and consternation in Scotland, as well as across the rest of Britain.
Scotland just produced enough wind energy to power all its homes twice over
Wind turbines in Scotland generated 9,831,320 megawatt hours between January and June 2019, WWF Scotland said Monday.
Scotland to host Iran on ‘Birthday Night’
Iranian award-wining short film ‘Birthday Night’ is scheduled to attend the XpoNorth festival in Scotland.
Ancient asteroid crater located off coast of Scotland
The location of an ancient impact crater made by the biggest asteroid ever to hit Britain has been traced to a spot under the sea between mainland Scotland and the Outer Hebrides.
UK faces nuclear disaster as it ignores warning on reopening old power plant
Britain could face a major disaster if it goes ahead with plans to reopen an out-of-date nuclear power plant in Scotland where hundreds of flaws have been detected over the past years.

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