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Sea levels could rise even faster, higher than feared: Study
Global warming could drive a much more dramatic increase in sea levels than current projections suggest, scientists say, citing a rise of 10 meters (33 feet) during Earth's last warming interlude more than 100,000 years ago.
Rising sea levels could knock out the Internet within 15 years
Thousands of miles of Internet cables zigzagging under coastal cities in the US could be completely submerged underwater within the next 15 years, a team of researchers has found.
Sea levels 'could be rising a centimeter a year' by 2100
Earth’s sea level could be rising by a centimeter per year by the end of the century, scientists believe.
Climate-change risks include 128 US military sites threatened by rising sea levels
Drought-induced wildfires scorching California bases. More frequent hurricanes battering island installations. Rising seas that will put many military bases under water in the next 20 years.
Coral reefs cannot grow fast enough to keep pace with rising sea levels
Coral reefs are failing to keep pace with rising sea levels, increasing the depth of the sea and removing a natural form of storm defense, a new study found.
Sea levels set to rise by more than a meter
Sea levels are set to rise by more than a meter over the next century ― more than twice the previous forecast, according to alarming new research.

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