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Sewage from 77,000 people flowing into Ireland’s environment
Raw sewage from 77,000 people is being released into the Ireland’s environment every day without treatment.
Over half of Iran’s urban population have access to sewage treatment: Official
Access to sewage treatment in Iran has increased to cover more than half of the urban population, around 30 million people, said a senior official from the Ministry of Energy.
Israel to confiscate Palestinian land for sewage network in central West Bank
Israeli authorities plan to confiscate thousands of square meters of private Palestinian land in the central West Bank to construct a sewage network for settlements in violation of international law and UN Security Council resolutions condemning the Tel Aviv regime’s land expropriation policies in the occupied territories.
Save the Children warns of unlivable conditions in Gaza
One million children are suffering from ‘unlivable’ conditions in the Gaza Strip, according to Save the Children, an international charity that promotes children's rights and provides aid worldwide.
In China’s murky waters, global sewage firms seek rewards
Global sewage and water treatment firms are eying opportunities in an unsavoury place: Agrowing pile of waste in China, the world’s most populous nation. The country has been for years battling contamination from fertilizer run-offs, heavy metals and untreated sewage. A survey in 2015 showed nearly two-thirds of China’s underground water and a third of its surface water was unfit for human contact.
China punishes officials over sewage
Chinese prosecutors have successfully sued a county environmental agency for inadequately punishing a sewage firm that produced dye without appropriate safeguards — the first such public interest case against a government department.

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