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'Silent' strokes common after surgery, linked to cognitive decline
Canadian researchers have discovered that covert — or 'silent' — strokes are common in seniors after they have elective, non-cardiac surgery and double their risk of cognitive decline one year later.
Modi adviser: India faces ‘silent fiscal crisis’
India is facing a silent fiscal crisis owing to a shortfall in tax revenues, and the government’s budget suggests it may have grossly underestimated the problem.
'Silent-type' cells play greater role in brain behavior than previously thought
Brain cells recorded as among the least electrically active during a specific task may be the most important to doing it right.
Silent robots listen to ocean winds
Scientists are using small submersible robots to listen to the wind out at sea.
Trump administration silent on new Israeli settlement units
The administration of new US President Donald Trump has declined to take a position on Israel’s plan to build 2,500 illegal settlement units in occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank, a departure from past White House criticism of such construction.
Aliens silent because they're dead
Life on other planets would likely be brief and become extinct very quickly, say astrobiologists from the Australian National University (ANU).

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