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British firm develops smart watering technology for optimum irrigation
Showing the way towards optimum utilization of water in farming through Artificial Intelligence, a British firm developed a smart watering system which is being used in many agricultural farms in Gujarat – India's westernmost state – and Rajasthan – a northern state in the country.
Smart technology to help diagnose sepsis in children in Canada
Smart technology and artificial intelligence could be used to improve detection of sepsis in children in Canada, wrote authors of a commentary in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).
Smart luggage firms close because of airline battery rules
Two smart luggage firms have closed in May, with both blaming changes to airline policies regarding how lithium batteries can be taken on board planes.
Smart glass made better, and cheaper
Someday we won't need curtains or blinds on our windows, and we will be able to block out light — or let it in — with just the press of a button.
AI smart enough to fool Captcha security check
Computer scientists have developed artificial intelligence (AI) that can outsmart the Captcha website security check system.
Kids praised as smart may be more likely to cheat
Children who are praised for being smart not only are quicker to give up in the face of obstacles, they also are more likely to be dishonest and cheat, according to a new study.
Smart label could detect food, cosmetics spoilage (Video)
Scientists have developed a low-cost, portable, paper-based sensor that can perform a variety of functions with easy-to-read results.
Smart technology needs smart users
A quarter of energy consumption worldwide occurs in the home, and this percentage is increasing, even in OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries) countries, despite more efficient fridges and better insulation.
Ugandans invent 'smart jacket' to diagnose pneumonia
A team of Ugandan engineers has invented a ‘smart jacket’ that diagnoses pneumonia faster than a doctor, offering hope against a disease which kills more children worldwide than any other.
Smart toys may make children a target for hackers
While smart toys were at the top of many parents Christmas lists, there is growing concern the users ― children ― may become targets for hackers and identity thieves.
'Smart boulders' record huge underwater avalanche
Scientists have had a remarkable close-up encounter with a gigantic underwater avalanche.
'Smart energy' revolution to balance electricity demand
A 'smart energy' revolution could help ensure that the UK does not suffer blackouts, according to National Grid's new UK chief.
Smart window coating could keep cars cool
For populations living at or near the equator, heat is plentiful. If there were a way to get the visible light from the Sun, without all that excess thermal radiation, summer might be a whole lot more bearable.
Smart ways to avoid catching flu
Doctors are witnessing an unusually high outbreak of viral illnesses this year.

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