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South African fossils rewrite early history of life on land
Fossils of two amphibians that lived within the Antarctic Circle 360 million years ago are forcing scientists to rethink the origins of land vertebrates, including where these pioneers first appeared and the climatic conditions that spawned them.
POGC CEO: South Pars' sour gas output to increase 56 mcmd
Iran's rich sour gas production in the supergiant South Pars Gas Field in the southern Iranian province of Bushehr will increase 56 million cubic meters per day in the year to March 2019, said the managing director of Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC).
1st train of South Pars Phase 13 gas refinery becomes operational
The first gas sweetening train of the onshore gas refinery of South Pars Phase 13, in the southern Iranian province of Bushehr is ready to inject gas into the national distribution network.
Young South Korean women leave provinces for jobs
Young South Korean women in their 20s and 30s are increasingly leaving their hometowns in local provinces for jobs in Seoul and other major cities, a local think tank said on Sunday.
90% of South Koreans use Internet
|Nine out of 10 South Koreans used the Internet last year, a survey showed Wednesday, with the average time of Internet usage growing.
Joint statement: North Korea, South Korea agree to hold military talks
North and South Korea agreed to hold military talks, a joint statement said after the two Koreas engaged in formal dialogue on Tuesday for the first time in more than two years.
North Korea leader: ‘Nuclear button on my table’
Seoul welcomes Pyongyang’s talks offer
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un warned the United States Monday he has a "nuclear button" on his table but offered an apparent olive branch to South Korea in a New Year message, saying he was prepared for talks and may send a team to the Winter Olympics there.
South Khorasan nine-month exports show 24% growth
Eastern Iranian province of South Khorasan exported goods valued at $560.88 million during March 21-December 21, 2014, indicating a 24-percent growth compared to the figure for the same period last year, said a local official.
Duterte seeking to extend martial law in Philippine south
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday asked Congress to extend martial law on the southern island of Mindanao for a year, arguing that Daesh terrorists have been regrouping since a five-month urban conflict ended there in October.
Philippine president asks Congress to extend martial law across South
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte asked Congress on Monday to extend martial law across the southern third of the country until the end of next year to combat Daesh militants and communists.
Arctic climate change affecting the south
An international summary of five years worth of research on Arctic climate change concluded the top of the world is getting warmer faster than anyone thought.
South Korean super rich to pay more under income tax revision
Proposed changes to South Korea's income tax law will cause the country's super rich to pay 8.7 million won (US$7,800) more in dues annually, a parliamentary report said.
Reports: McDonald's South Korea office raided in burger probe
South Korean investigators raided the Seoul office of McDonald’s Corp. on Wednesday, following a series of complaints that children fell ill after eating hamburger patties alleged to have been undercooked, Yonhap News Agency and other media said.
South Korean Embassy to exhibit marquetry works
The South Korean Embassy in Iran intends to hold an exhibition of marquetry artworks made by artists from the two Asian states in Tehran in coming days as part of the program to mark 2017 as the 'Cultural Exchange Year Between the Two Countries'.
Iran, South Korea sign deal on joint film production
Iran and South Korea signed a contract to co-produce a motion picture for the first time in the history of the two countries.

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