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Shapouri House 20th-century building in southern Iran
Registered as a national heritage, Shapouri House is an early 20th-century house in Shiraz, southern Iran, built in the early years of Pahlavi dynasty (1925-1979). Designed and built by Abol Qasem Mohandesi between 1930 and 1935, its owner was Abdol Shahab Shapouri, a wealthy Iranian merchant.
Gur City, ancient wonder in southern Iran
As Iran’s first circular city, Gur City is considered an ancient wonder.
Army conducts 2nd day of military exercises in southern region
The Iranian Army has begun the second and final day of annual military drills involving ground, naval, and aerial forces in the country's southern regions.
Earthquake rocks southern Iran
A relatively strong earthquake measuring 4.6 on the Richter scale jolted the city of Haftkal in Khuzestan province in southern Iran on Thursday.
A 4.6 magnitude earthquake hit a region in southern Iran
According to the Seismological Centre of the Institute of Geophysics of Tehran University, the earthquake struck Ziarat Ali, a town in Hormuzgan Province, bordering with Kerman Province, at 07:42 local time (04:11 GMT).
Quake jolts southern Iran
An earthquake measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale hit the southern city of Ziarat-e Ali, Hormuzgan Province on Tuesday.
Huge sea waves kill one, leave 5 missing in southern Iran
At least one person has lost his life and five others have gone missing after huge sea waves caused by strong winds smashed into the port city of Dayyer in the southern Iranian province of Bushehr.
First archeological excavations conducted in southern Iran
The first season of archeological excavations is underway in the historical site of Jondi Shapour in the southern province of Khuzestan which was one of the four important cities during the Sassanid era.
Quake jolts southern Iran
An earthquake measuring 4.9 on Richter scale jolted Fareghan district in Hormuzgan province, southern Iran, Thursday morning.
Helicopter crash kills 10 in southern Iran
An air ambulance helicopter crashes in southern Iran, killing all 10 people onboard.
IRGC's Ghadir radar deployed in Southern Iran
The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) deployed its Ghadir phased-array radar system with a range of 1,100 kilometers in Southern Iran on Saturday.

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