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Statins do not harm the memory,  and may prevent cognitive decline for some
Statins don't harm the memory – and could even prevent cognitive decline in those with heart disease or high risk of dementia.
Statins may not be necessary for people with lower heart disease risk
Taking the “better safe than sorry” approach with cholesterol drugs may no longer be the best way to slow heart disease.
Stopping statins treatment in old age  increases heart attack risk by nearly half
Pensioners should not stop taking statins just because they feel healthy, scientists have warned after finding that doing so may boost the risk of heart attack by nearly half.
Statins effective against cancer-linked weight loss
The condition known as cachexia, or wasting syndrome, is common among patients with chronic diseases such as cancer, heart failure and AIDS.
Study: Statins can prevent development of neurological disorder
Besides treating heart disease, cholesterol-lowering drugs statins can also be used to prevent the development of a neurodegenerative disease, found a study.
More over-75s should take statins, experts say
More UK people over the age of 75 should be taking statins, scientists have said, following a review of research.
Do statins raise odds for type 2 diabetes?
Cholesterol-lowering medications known as statins may lower your risk of heart disease, but also might boost the odds you'll develop type 2 diabetes, new research suggested.
Daily statins reduces risk of heart disease
Taking statins daily reduces the risk of heart disease or stroke in the over 40s, according to new research.
Use of statins before cardiac arrest may aid survival afterwards
Patients who have been taking statins are likely to survive longer after a cardiac arrest than those who are not taking them, according to research from Taiwan researchers presented during the Resuscitation Science Symposium at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2016.
Cholesterol-lowering drug statins could reduce risk of dying
Statins could significantly reduce the risk of dying from four of the most common cancers, new evidence has revealed.
Statins could stop breast cancer return
Statins could be used in the treatment of breast cancer after researchers found it may help prevent the disease returning.
Alzheimer's preventative drug hope
Scientists have detected a number of drugs which could help protect against Alzheimer's disease, acting like statins for the brain.
Statins might slow prostate cancer progression
Statins, widely used to lower cholesterol levels, may also slow the progression of prostate cancer in patients receiving hormone therapy, a new study suggested.
Can statins help lower lung cancer death risk?
Taking the cholesterol-lowering medications known as statins for a year before getting a diagnosis of lung cancer was associated with a 12 percent lower risk of dying from that cancer, new research suggested.
Statins won't help protect bones
The cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins have been touted by some as capable of reducing the risk for broken bones. But, it appears that's not the case, a new study finds.

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