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Study provides insights on evaluating hypertension in children
Results from a new study provide insights on evaluating high blood pressure in children.
Global CO2 emissions from power sector fell two percent last year: Study
Global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the power sector fell by two percent last year, the biggest fall since at least 1990, owing to reduced coal usage in Europe and the United States, a study showed on Monday.
Permafrost collapse could release large stores of carbon: Study
Permafrost in Canada, Alaska and Siberia is abruptly crumbling in ways that could release large stores of greenhouse gases more quickly than anticipated, researchers have warned.
UN's decarbonization target for shipping to cost over $1 trillion: Study
At least $1 trillion of investment in new fuel technology is needed to enable the shipping industry to meet UN targets for cuts in carbon emissions by 2050, a new study showed.
Study weighs deep-sea mining's impact on microbes
The essential roles that microbes play in deep-sea ecosystems are at risk from the potential environmental impacts of mining, a new paper in Limnology and Oceanography reports.
Study links historical housing disparities with dangerous climate impacts
Extreme heat kills more people in the United States than any other type of hazardous weather and will likely become even deadlier due to climate change. However, extreme heat does not affect all people equally. Surface temperatures in different neighborhoods within a single city can vary by a whopping 20°C, making some people more at risk of experiencing dangerous temperatures.
Study links diabetes to increased risk for heart failure
As if diabetes didn't present enough health complications on its own, researchers at the Mayo Clinic now believe those with the disease are at increased risk for heart failure.
Study finds connection between cardiac blood test before surgery and adverse outcomes
A common cardiac blood test done before surgery can predict who will experience adverse outcomes after most types of surgery, said an international study led by Hamilton researchers.
Vitamin D alone doesn't prevent fractures, new study finds
Taking calcium and vitamin D might help older adults curb the risk of a bone fracture, but vitamin D alone does not do the job, a new research review concluded.
Study finds decrease in eye exposures from household cleaners
The holidays are upon us, and as families visit Grandma and Grandpa's and other homes that may not be used to having little ones underfoot, it's an important reminder to safely store dangerous products. Household cleaning products represent a major source of exposures reported to US poison control centers, and they commonly involve the eyes, especially among children.
UK children do an hour less of exercise each day by the time they turn 11: Study
UK children do an hour less of exercise each day by the time they finish primary school, a study has suggested.
Study points to new weapon in fight against lethal fungi
Researchers at Monash University in Australia have gained insights into how nanoparticles could be used to identify the presence of invasive and sometimes deadly microbes, and deliver targeted treatments more effectively.
Study: Diagnosed levels of psychosis, anxiety more severe among men in London’s deprived areas
Excess psychosis diagnoses amongst Black and South Asian men in deprived urban areas could reflect a cluster of disadvantage in specific places, rather than individual experiences of deprivation alone, a study led by Queen Mary University of London researchers concludes.
Aussie study: App records babies' movement to predict brain impairments
A study which will involve parents filming their newborn infants with a smartphone app, could lead to earlier detection of brain impairments such as cerebral palsy, the West Australian (WA) state government said on Friday.
Study reveals fishing habits of little penguins from Tasmanian colonies
A study has revealed new insights into the foraging activities of little penguins and how environmental conditions affect how they hunt for food.

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