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Daesh growing, taking hostages in US-controlled parts of Syria: Russian leader
Russian President Vladimir Putin warns that Daesh is expanding its presence in the Syrian regions controlled by Washington and its allied Kurdish militants, revealing that the Takfiri terror outfit has managed to take hundreds of people hostage in those areas, including the US’s own citizens.
US must withdraw from Syria, stop supporting terrorism: Iran’s deputy UN envoy
Iranian deputy ambassador to the UN says the United States should stop supporting terrorism in Syria and end its illegal military presence there as regional efforts are underway to find a political solution to over seven years militancy gripping the Arab country.
UN Syria envoy to step down next month
The United Nations envoy for Syria announced on Wednesday he will step down at the end of November after more than four years in the key post, setting back UN efforts to end the seven-year war in Syria
Foreign Ministry: Joining FATF in Iran's interests
Iran receives US letter on Treaty of Amity pullout
Syria, Jordan reopen Nassib border crossing
The border crossing between Syria and Jordan opened to people and goods on Monday after being closed for three years, reopening a route that used to carry billions of dollars of trade for countries across the region.
Syria, Jordan agree to reopen vital border crossing
Syria and Jordan say they have reached an agreement to reopen a key border crossing between the two Middle Eastern countries, three years after the vital commercial lifeline fell to foreign-backed militant groups from the Syrian side and the traffic was suspended.
Jordan-Syria border to reopen on Monday
The border crossing between Jordan and Syria reopens on Monday after being closed for three years, the two countries said on Sunday after weeks of talks.
US-led warplanes drop white phosphorus bombs on eastern Syria: Report
The US-led coalition purportedly fighting the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group has reportedly dropped internationally-banned white phosphorus bombs on Syria’s troubled eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr.
Russia: Iran’s presence in Syria none of Israel’s business
A senior Russian official dismissed the Israeli regime’s demand that Iran be forced out of Syria, saying that the issue is none of Tel Aviv’s business as it is Syria’s sovereign right to authorize Iranian forces on its soil.
Putin: Terror fight remains absolute priority in Syria, world
The Russian leader says fighting global terrorism, especially in Syria, remains an “absolute priority” for his country, emphasizing that any solution to over seven years of crisis in the Arab state should guarantee its sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Most heavy arms pulled out of planned Syria buffer zone
Terrorists and Turkish-backed militants in Syria's last major terror stronghold have withdrawn heavy weapons from nearly all of a planned buffer zone, a monitor said Tuesday, a day ahead of deadline.
Defying Israeli occupation, Golan Druze pledge loyalty to Syria’s Assad
In a move of defiance towards the Israeli regime, Arab Druze inhabiting the occupied Golan Heights have gathered at the Syrian border to declare their loyalty to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, celebrating what they describe as Syria's victory in the country's war.
‘It’s complete folly’: Hagel says Trump administration can’t drive Iran out of Syria
Former US defense secretary Chuck Hagel on Thursday sharply criticized tough talk on Iran from senior Trump administration officials determined to ouster government-backed forces from Syria.
Iran reaches €400m deal with Syria to build power plant
Iran has struck a deal with Damascus to build a €400-million ($460 million) power plant in Syria's coastal city of Latakia — a potentially lucrative deal for Tehran to deepen economic role after years of fighting in Syria.
Israel prepared to reopen UN crossing with Syria: Military
The Israeli military say Tel Aviv is ready to reopen its side of the crossing point with Syria following the return of the UN peacekeepers to the Golan Heights after four years.

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