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Syrian army captures two towns near terrorists’ stronghold in southern Idlib
The Syrian army has captured two towns near the terrorists’ stronghold of Khan Shaykhun in southern Idlib, reaching the edges of a major bastion of foreign-sponsored Takfiri militants.
Syrian Army resumes military operations against terrorists in northwest
The Syrian Army resumed operations against terrorists in Idlib, after the groups positioned in the de-escalation zone failed to honor a cease-fire and continued to target civilian neighborhoods.
Syrian army discovers C-4 explosives left by militants in Dara’a
Syrian government forces have discovered a considerable amount of Composition C-4 high-velocity military plastic explosives at a former stronghold of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group in the country’s southwestern province of Dara’a.
Syrian army finds German equipment in White Helmets' field hospital
Syrian army soldiers have uncovered a considerable amount of medical supplies, some of them German-made, in a field hospital belonging to members of the so-called civil defense group White Helmets in the country’s western-central province of Hama.
Syrian army shoots down bomb-laden drone near Hama Airport
The Syrian army has shot down a drone operated by terrorists and loaded with bombs near Hama’s airport, Syrian state TV reported late on Wednesday.
Syrian army takes Takfiri targets in Idlib under heavy fire
The Syrian army has taken targets belonging to the Takfiri Jabhat Fateh al-Sham terrorist group in the country’s east under heavy retaliatory fire for another day.
Syrian troops liberate key town, nearby villages in Idlib
The Syrian army has regained control of a strategic town from Takfiri terrorists in the country's northwest, media reports and local residents say.
Syrian army attacks militant posts in Hama to avenge troops’ deaths
Syrian government forces, backed by allied fighters from popular defense groups, have carried out a major mop-up operation against foreign-backed Takfiri militants in the country’s west-central province of Hama to avenge troop casualties during a recent ambush by the extremists.
Syrian army finds US arms, Israeli medicine in militant depots in Quneitra
Syrian government forces have carried out a string of clean-up operations in the country’s southwestern province of Quneitra near Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, discovering a substantial amount of US-built munitions and Israeli-made medicine from a former stronghold of foreign-backed Takfiri terrorists.
Russia says Syrian army has every right to chase militants out of Idlib
As the Syrian armed forces are preparing to launch a full-scale offensive to retake the northern province of Idlib, Russia says the Syrian troops have the full right to go after and hunt the terrorists out of the last stronghold of militants.
Syrian army soldiers liberate town, villages in Dara’a province from Daesh
Syrian army troops have liberated yet another town in al-Yarmouk basin in the country’s southwestern province of Dara’a, further tightening the noose around the last remnants of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group in the area.
Syrian Army ‘captures strategic hill’
The Syrian Army has taken control of a strategic hill that overlooks the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, state television said on Monday.
Syrian soldiers recapture Um al-Mayazen town in Dara’a province
Syrian army troops have managed to regain control over yet another strategic town in the country’s southwestern province of Dara’a following the elimination of the last gatherings of militants in the area.
Syrian Army takes hill overlooking key Deraa road
Lebanon’s Hezbollah-run Al-Manar television reported on Friday that the Syrian Army had seized a hill overlooking the road connecting the eastern and western parts of Deraa Province, where it is engaged in a major offensive against terrorists.
Syrian army takes key town amid new advances in southwest
Syrian troops have regained control of al-Harak town in Dara’a Province from Takfiri terrorists as the government widens a major offensive against foreign-backed militants in the troubled southwest.

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