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Tel Aviv, foreign-sponsored Takfiris pose major threat to region: Iran
Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan says the Tel Aviv regime and the Takfiri terrorists nurtured by the US, Israel and certain regional countries pose a major threat to the Middle East.
Tunisian police warn of Takfiris’ return from Iraq, Syria
Tunisian security authorities have warned of the return of thousands of Takfiri militants fighting for terrorist groups in Iraq and neighboring Syria to the small Mediterranean country, demanding “exceptional measures” to combat the phenomenon.
Iraqi forces retake Mosul southern front, kill 950 Takfiris
In their latest push to liberate Mosul, Iraqi forces say they have won back full control of the city’s southern front, killing over 950 members of the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group.
Israeli MP: Tel Aviv aiding Takfiris in Syria
An Israeli lawmaker has criticized the Tel Aviv regime for supporting Takfiri terrorists who are fighting in Syria to topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
Daesh Takfiris kidnap nearly 2,000 civilians in northern Syria
Members of the Daesh Takfiri group have kidnapped thousands of civilians in a Kurdish-populated city of the strategic northwestern province of Aleppo as the victims were fleeing heavy fighting between an alliance of Arab and Kurdish forces on one side and extremists on the other.
Takfiris killed Lebanese commander Badreddine: Hezbollah
The Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah, says its top military commander Mustafa Badreddine was killed by Takfiri terrorist groups in Syria dding his death will boost the movement's resolve to fight the terrorist groups.
Takfiris hold bodies of 12 IRGC advisers killed in Syria
Takfiri militants are withholding the bodies of 12 military advisers of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) killed in Syria in recent days, an Iranian military official says.
Turkey ups aid to Syria Takfiris ahead of talks: Russia
Russia says Turkey is sending more reinforcements to Takfiri terrorists operating in Syria ahead of peace talks expected to be held later this month in the hope of ending the conflict in the Arab country.
Syrian army makes new advances, inflicts heavy losses on Takfiris
The Syrian army, backed by fighters from allied popular forces, has made new advances in strategic parts of the country and inflicted losses on the personnel and equipment of the militants.
Syrian army retakes strategic mountain from Takfiris
Syrian government forces have liberated a strategic mountainous region in the country’s coastal western province of Latakia from foreign-sponsored militants.
President's aide: Islam is against Takfiris
Different branches of Islam are against Takfiris' activities, president's special aide on ethnic and religious minorities affairs said Sunday.
Nigeria troops kill 4 Boko Haram Takfiris
Nigerian government troops have clashed with terrorists from Boko Haram Takfiri group in northeastern part of the African country, killing four militants.
Daesh Takfiris kidnap 200 people in northern Iraq
Members of the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group have abducted hundreds of people in Iraq’s conflict-stricken northern province of Kirkuk.
Iraqi forces kill dozens of Takfiris in Ramadi
Iraqi forces have made fresh advances in their operations against Daesh militants in the western province of Anbar, killing dozens of the Takfiris.
Syrian army forces pound western Syria, kill 20 Takfiris
At least 20 foreign-sponsored Takfiri terrorists have been killed when Syrian army troopers carried out assaults against militant hideouts in the country’s western province of Latakia.

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