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Jordan to drop IMF-imposed tax bill after biggest protests in years
Jordan's new prime minister says he will drop a controversial IMF-backed income tax bill which has sparked the kingdom's biggest protests in years.
Jordan's king suggests review of entire tax system amid massive protests
Jordan's king says the new government must launch a dialogue over a planned income tax law, which has sparked the country's biggest protests in years.
People in Uganda have to pay tax to use social media
The Ugandan government has imposed taxes on social media to raise money for the country and to avoid donor aid, a lawmaker told CNN.
Hong Kong officials consider sugar tax to cure city of its bad habits
Hong Kong could consider a new sugar tax ‘if all else fails’ to reduce deaths from non-communicable diseases, the health authority said as it unveiled its strategy for the next seven years.
Tax revenue tallied at 50 trillion won through Feb.
South Korea's tax revenue was tallied at 49.9 trillion won ($46.7 billion) in the first two months of the year, 3.7 trillion won more than a year earlier, boosted by a rise in income tax, data showed on Tuesday.
Internet giants to pay more tax in EU countries
The European Union is to revamp it tax system in a way that it would become much harder for internet giants like Amazon and Facebook to avoid taxes by declaring earnings in countries that have lower rates.
Trump steps up war of words  on trade with threat to tax EU cars
US President Donald Trump has stepped up his war of words over trade tariffs, threatening to ‘apply a tax’ on imports of cars from the European Union.
Police, tax authorities raid South Korea's main cryptocurrency exchanges: Report
Police and tax agencies have raided South Korea's main cryptocurrency exchanges over alleged tax evasion, says a report.
India raises import tax on electronic products
India has increased the import tax on dozens of electronic products such as mobile phones and television sets, a government statement said, to help curb supplies from overseas and build up the domestic industry.
New tax overhaul bill biggest thievery in US history: Sanders (Video)
US Senator Bernie Sanders has denounced the newly-approved tax overhaul bill as the “biggest act of thievery in the modern history of this country.”
CBI reports strong gains in tax revenue from oil sales
Tax revenue generated from the sale of crude oil and oil products increased more than 80 percent from last year, the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) reported on Wednesday.
Tax haven secrets of ultra-rich exposed
A huge new leak of financial documents has revealed how the powerful and ultra-wealthy, including the Queen's private estate, secretly invest vast amounts of cash in offshore tax havens.
Economists oppose Japan PM's plan to use sales tax revenue for education
Most economists oppose Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s plan to redirect some revenue from a planned sales-tax increase to child care and education because it would add to Japan’s massive debt burden, a poll showed.
Australia state kills plan to hike  gold mining tax over job fears
Legislators in an Australian state blocked a proposal to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in additional taxes on gold mining after the industry warned the step would spark job losses.
EU rules out tax on plastic products to reduce waste
The EU has ruled out penalties on single-use plastic products, in favor of raising public awareness of the damage consumer plastics are doing to the world’s oceans.

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