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Report: Thousands more midwives needed in PNG
A report into Papua New Guinea maternity services suggests about 6,000 more are needed to cope with a population growing at three percent per year.
High blood pressure drugs to be offered to thousands more in England and Wales
New guidelines on diagnosing high blood pressure could mean thousands more people benefiting from treatment in England and Wales.
New sepsis test could save thousands of lives'
A new rapid test for earlier diagnosis of sepsis has been developed by Scotland’s University of Strathclyde researchers, which they say could save thousands of lives.
Strike by thousands of junior New Zealand doctors cripples hospitals
Nearly 80 percent of junior doctors across New Zealand walked off the job at public hospitals on Tuesday after a breakdown in union talks with the government over working conditions and wages.
Changes to flu vaccine supply chain could save thousands of lives in US
Problems with flu vaccine distribution in the US may cost lives and pose a serious threat in the event of a flu pandemic, researchers warned.
Thousands of children's lives could be saved after hospital discharge
The lives of thousands of children could be saved if health professionals keep track of those most at risk of dying after they leave hospital, researchers have found.
British charity anticipates hundreds of thousands of calls for help during festive period
The Samaritans expects to receive hundreds of thousands of calls over the festive period, with figures revealing that one in three people who contacted the British charity on Christmas Day last year were seeking help with loneliness.
Thousands of Italians march against immigration policies in Rome
Thousands of people staged a rally in the Italian capital, Rome, to protest against racism and a proposed law on immigration.
Thousands of US troops head for southern border
The Pentagon is deploying 5,200 active-duty troops to beef up security along the US-Mexico border, officials announced on Monday, in a bid to prevent a caravan of Central American migrants from illegally crossing the frontier.
England's Children's Commissioner: Thousands of babies in toxic homes
Nearly 16,000 babies are growing up in households where they are at risk of severe harm, a report by England's Children's Commissioner warned.
Florence floods damaged thousands more homes
If the ocean was at the same level it was in 1970, thousands of homes could have been spared storm surge flooding from Hurricane Florence, a recent study shows.
Thousands of prison officers in UK to protest over 'unprecedented violence'
Tens of thousands of prison officers in the UK have been ordered to walk out by their union amid concern by the chief inspector of prisons about dangerous failings at a number of jails.
Hundreds of thousands of UK cars won't be able to use new fuel
Some of the most popular family cars will be unable to use a new fuel the government hopes to roll out in an effort to cut carbon emissions.
Thousands of couples in UK 'exaggerate marriage faults to get divorce'
A third of divorcees in the UK lie about cheating, a partner's unreasonable behavior and length of separation to get their divorce through the courts, a study found.
Orangutans have been adapting to humans for thousands of years
For thousands of years, the evolution of orangutans has been influenced by humans, according to a new study.

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