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UK Tories warn Theresa May of rebellion over no-deal Brexit
Dozens of British Conservative members of Parliament have warned about a rebellion against UK Prime Minister Theresa May if a no-deal Brexit is not taken off the table.
Three Tories join Labour MPs to form breakaway UK party
Three prominent Tory lawmakers of the British parliament have joined eight opposition Labour party defectors to form an independent group amid deepening political stalemate over UK withdrawal from the European Union.
UK Tories to reject half-in half-out Brexir: Lawmaker
A senior Conservative Party lawmaker of the British parliament has announced that at least 40 of his colleagues are ready to vote down a deal on country’s withdrawal from the European Union, saying they cannot accept a half-in half-out Brexit.
Eurosceptic Tories fail to agree on alternative Brexit plan: report
Eurosceptic members of the United Kingdom’s Conservative Party have failed to agree on an alternative plan for Brexit that could replace that of Prime Minister Theresa May, media reports suggest.
Tories have “clear mandate” on Europe
The Tories now look set to make Europe a dominant issue of this parliament. They are keen to strike what they call a “better deal” for the UK and if they can’t get one, they will leave.
Tories win Britain elections
The Conservative Party swept to power on Friday in Britain's parliamentary elections, winning an unexpected and resounding victory that returns Prime Minister David Cameron to 10 Downing Street in a stronger position than before.
UK Tories’ planned cuts ‘suicidal’
British Education Minister David Laws says plans by Conservatives to cut public spending if they win general elections next year are a political “suicide note,” as the proposed measures would involve “mind-boggling” measures.
UK Tories ‘lose 1/3 of voter support’
A new poll shows that the Conservatives in the UK have lost a third of their support, as Britons are worried of more Tory austerity measures if they win next year’s general elections.
UK Tories make benefit cuts election pledge
British Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled plans for a new set of benefit cuts, including banning unemployment benefits for young people, if the Tories win the 2015 general elections.

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