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The British Tradition of Piracy leaves fatal trail on the high seas
As the UK tries hard to justify its seizure of an Iranian super-tanker off the Spanish coast, international attention is focusing on the political, diplomatic and humanitarian cost of similar British actions in the past.
Tradition meets tech as Kenya's herders adapt to climate change
For generations, Kaltuma Hassan's clan would study the sky over Kenya's arid north for any sign of rain — some wind here, a wisp of cloud there — to guide their parched livestock to water.
Salehi: Iranian art of ta'zieh unique worldwide
Iran's Culture Minister Abbas Salehi said all types of art have similarities with their counterparts in the world, but ta'zieh is an Iranian art which is unique to Iran.
Maltese family keeps ancient salt-harvesting tradition alive
Under the scorching Maltese sun, Josephine Xuereb carefully sweeps salt originating from the Mediterranean Sea into small piles, a job generations of her family have done since 1860.
Tightrope tradition teeters on verge of extinction in Russia's Dagestan
Dressed in a red and silver sequined jacket and trousers, 13-year-old Muhamed Balikhanov held a long pole as he slowly rode an old red bicycle along a tightrope suspended several meters off the ground.
Norouz Sayyadi, a tradition still preserved
Norouz Sayyadi (or ‘Fishing New Year’) is an ancient tradition bonding humans with their marine environment. It has been popular among residents of the southern coasts of Iran since olden times.
A day out to mark a Persian tradition
Iranians across the country are seizing the opportunity of the Nature’s Day to spend some quality time with their loved ones out in the wilderness.
Norouz-e Sayyadi an old tradition
Norouz-e Sayyadi (Fishing New Year) is an old tradition that bonds humans with their marine environment. It has been popular among residents of southern Iranian coastlines since olden times.

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